Top 5 International Schools in Singapore with Best campuses

Rupali Karekar
Sep 17, 2021

Singapore is identified as one of the leading economies in the world with high living standards. The country is characterised by a mixture of Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Malaysian cultures. Singapore is also known for its low crime rates, making it one of the safest countries to live in. 

Whether in terms of transport and its frequency, social amenities, or a highly efficient law and order system, this country provides its citizens with a great range of amenities and a secured life. Considering the standard of living and the overall security it has to offer, migrants prefer this country. 

The Education System in Singapore

Adding to the overall experience, the cost of education has rarely been a concern amongst parents. It is because of the accessibility to employment in the country and the affordable education offered by international schools. Parents also prioritise their child's education and the school amenities over the cost of education. 

Singapore has several public, private and international schools that provide amenities and quality education to its students. These Singapore schools aim to bring about the best in children and prepare them to function efficiently amidst stiff competition. 

The schools in Singapore are known for their highly competitive syllabus and curriculum. Starting from International Baccalaureate to European, American, or Indian teaching, parents have a wide range of options to choose the best for their child. 

Parents are also keen on sending their children to the best schools in Singapore as they promise to bring about the overall development of the children. These schools focus both on academics and extracurriculars to enhance the psychology of children for a better learning experience. 

International Schools in Singapore

Singapore has several public and private schools. While both have their pros and cons, parents have systematically chosen international schools for many reasons. International schools follow an advanced syllabus and hence are better suited for students from around the world. While public schools are mostly reserved for the children of the citizens, Singapore private schools are open to all. 

The international schools also have better amenities for the children. These schools prepare children for future academics, from highly efficient and well-trained teachers to a modern curriculum. The degrees provided by International schools in Singapore also help students pursue their academics from various top institutions globally.  

International schools are also known for their great alumni base. They help students connect over their academic interests and recommend them to different International universities for future studies. 

Overall, International schools in Singapore offer more efficiency and deliver better results. They use proprietary tools, educational frameworks and technology like Smart classes to impart in-depth and comprehensive knowledge to the students. 

Top 5 International Schools in Singapore

Choosing the right school for your child can be confusing. Here is a list of the five schools in Singapore that should be at the top of your list if you are in this process. These schools have several facilities to support your child’s growth at every step of their journey. 

An essential aspect of these private schools in Singapore is that each of them offers a hybrid syllabus. A hybrid syllabus is one where students have the option of choosing more than one syllabus as per their future plans. Apart from focusing on the academic development of their students, these schools maintain excellent extracurricular and co-curricular results.

A detailed description of the schools, their fees, facilities, and parent reviews have been given below for you to understand what each school offers. 

1. Global Indian International School SMART Campus in Punggol


GIIS SMART campus in Singapore is one of the most popular international schools in Singapore. The school is renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and quality of education. GIIS Singapore offers a comprehensive experience to students, starting from the Global Montessori Plus Kindergarten Programme to the International Baccalaureate programs. 

Students can choose their curriculum based on their interests and plans. The school aims to bring about the holistic development of children by employing excellent faculty and trainers for studies as well as extra-curricular activities. So, whether your child is a math whiz or a singing star, this school will offer them the best platform to hone their skills and shine. 

GIIS Singapore focuses on creative thinking and the development of practical skills amongst children. From classroom pedagogy to examinations, all aspects of education are designed such that students do not concentrate on textbook knowledge alone. Instead, the school tests the understanding power of the students and how they implement the lessons in their everyday lives. 

Facilities & USP:

1. GIISs SMART Campus offers a tech-savvy 21st-century premise with a robust capacity to accommodate over 4,000 students on campus. The campus is shaped like a nest with open spaces to ensure that the students get the best environment for learning.

2. The student-centric environment equips every attendee with the essential 4Cs for overall development: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

3. The school also teaches the importance of moral values to its students. It also has a special Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values to ensure that the students not only grow up as intellectuals but righteous social beings as well.

4. GIIS offers the best of international curriculums - CBSE, IB and Cambridge programmes, which ensure that all their students are at par with their counterparts around the world.

5. Global Indian International School is one of the few schools in Singapore that incorporate the Happiness Index in their methodology to make their school experience happier and satisfied.

Head of the School:

MsMelissa Maria is the principal of GIIS Smart School. She has worked towards developing the curriculum for Value Added Programmes, the concept of computing the Happiness Index for sustained learning for the better mental health of students at GIIS. 

It has won accolades - like awards from Asia Pacific Quality Organisation, the Singapore Productivity Association on a professional level; and recognition as Best Principal and Best presenter at several competitions. 

Price Points:

GIIS Smart School is one of the affordable international schools in Singapore. Apart from this, they also offer several scholarship programmes to help deserving students receive the best education. You can enquire about their fee or book a tour by calling at +65 6914 7100.

Parent Testimonials:

The support of the teachers has been outstanding. They are willing to try new things and help kids grow and learn at their own pace. They also value and respect my input as a parent.

-Meghna Chatterjee

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2. One World International School Digital Campus in Punggol (Upcoming in 2022)


One World International School Digital Campus is an upcoming school in Punggol. Scheduled to be completed by 2022, the digital campus has been planned to meet the high demand for IB schools. 

With its built-up Gross Floor Area of 20,000 sq meters, the Punggol digital campus will accommodate 1,500 new students. This High school in Singapore will educate students in the International Baccalaureate curriculum. The campus will also include various facilities to ensure the holistic development of students.

This private school in Singapore's design is driven by its philosophy of using technology to create open-minded global citizens with the foundation of kindness and inclusivity. The education model at this Singapore school encourages creativity and collaboration among students.

Facilities & USP:

One World International School in Singapore aims to hone its tech-savvy learning environment to the needs of the global generation. Students will be imparted with skills in their learning journey to ensure their success in whichever academic or non-academic field they choose.

● This Singapore International School will have a state-of-the-art digital campus. Students will be educated in a program driven by values and ethics. The latest developments in Digital Pedagogy have been incorporated into its design to imbibe a love for learning in students.

● Students will benefit from personalised learning, which encourages them to be curious and active in their education. Classrooms will be fully digital, and there will be skills and art studios, a 600-seater royal sports stadium, archery range, track facilities, STEAM room, Black Box for drama and theatre, Rock-Climbing walls,  libraries, multipurpose halls, traffic and adventure sports parks, movie theatres and fully-equipped indoor courts and outdoor fields for various sports. 

● One World International School will include Science labs and Multidisciplinary laboratories. These will impart the latest knowledge on AI, robotics, innovations in IT, Design Technology, etc. Performance analytics will also be incorporated for the benefit of students' academic and extracurricular pursuits.

● Students and parents can be assured of the highest safety standards at this private school in Singapore. Attendance will be taken via facial recognition; all access controls for the facilities across the campus will require digital access. Even all the transactions at book shops and cafes will be cashless.

● The environmentally friendly campus will make good use of natural light and breeze. Renewable energy will be used, thereby reducing carbon footprint. The High School will also include large pockets of green for students to learn and play. 

Price Points:

IB DP in the K-12 sector will be offered to international students for a moderate fee regulated by the Economic Development Board of Singapore. There will be several scholarships available for students of all levels too. While the school is still under construction, it has started accepting pre-registration applications for 2023.

3. Global Indian International School East Coast Campus


GIIS East Coast Campus is situated in the east of Singapore in a cosy and quiet residential area. It is surrounded by pockets of greenery and has a sprawling sports ground. Stretching across eight acres, this international school in Singapore caters to primary and middle school students. 

Its premises include ample spaces for play and extra-curricular activities while retaining its old-world charm. Its learner-centric pedagogical approach and the lush surroundings ensure the wellbeing and happiness of students, promoting a healthy learning experience. 

Facilities & USP:

● Knowledge is imparted to each student in well-equipped digital classrooms. The school also consists of Maths, Science, and Montessori labs, along with an audio-visual room. Sports is an integral part of the learning journey, with adequate facilities and training offered. 

● This Singapore International school boasts a robust architecture to facilitate extra-curricular activities. The sports facilities include a multipurpose sports ground and a stadium which has a 400m athletic track.

● Global Indian International School's commitment to environmental responsibility can be seen through its vegetable gardens. It also commemorates important events by planting saplings. Being an international school, it promotes cultural diversity in Singapore through year-round activities in its multipurpose halls and open spaces.

● Modern infrastructure is perfectly fused with a traditional ambience to provide students with holistic development. All students are prepared for future challenges in higher education with a delicate balance of academics and skill development.

Head of School:

Mr CVK Sastry is the Head of School, GIIS East Coast Campus.

Price Points:

Our school fees are in accordance with the international school fees standards set by CPE Singapore. The fees range from $1351.41 for Kindergarten to S$8384.52 for Class 12. This school also offers various scholarship programs to its students.

Parent testimonials:

Excellent school! I particularly like the involvement of counsellors and teachers here. They personally know each student and help prepare plans to help every child improve their school performance and get into the college of their choice.

-Arpit Shukla

4. One World International School (OWIS) Nanyang


One World International School (OWIS) is among the booming international schools in Singapore. OWIS is a part of the Global Schools Foundation (GSF). It is headquartered in Singapore and is expanding in Asia and the Middle East. It imparts world-class educational experiences by offering three distinct programs: IB PYP, IB DP, and Cambridge IGCSE. 

OWIS Nanyang Campus offers a comprehensive curriculum for students from Early Childhood to Grade 12 in Secondary School. An open space is provided for students to engage in self-exploration. Children are encouraged to ask questions and interact with peers and staff. 

The OWIS group of schools is well-known among expatriates because it embraces diversity and welcomes students worldwide. 'Kindness' is the core culture, along with empathy and compassion. 

The school campus carves an atmosphere conducive to learning and growth and fosters freedom of expression, thought, and curiosity. Students' desire to explore is appreciated, and they are led to learn in a self-directed manner- through games and activities, practical and experimental learning, reading, and 1-on-1 study. 

The Nanyang campus welcomes every student with a compassionate heart that desires to mould them into intellectuals and life-long learners. 

Facilities & USP:

● The OWIS Nanyang campus is spread across 32,000 sq meters, accommodating large tech-enabled classrooms and offering IB and British-based education. The school is surrounded by a lush green atmosphere that invites families to reside around the campus. Its nature garden provides opportunities for students' leisure and exploration. 

● The school has designed a play area with sandpit and water activities for kids. Students' participation in sports and extracurricular activities is appreciated. Spacious outdoor play areas and multipurpose halls for indoor sports and activities such as art, music, dance, etc., are provided to ensure the holistic development of students. 

● Students of Secondary school can utilise and learn at the state-of-the-art science labs. Expansive libraries offer great resources to help students complete their IGCSE & IBDP research. The campus is technology-enabled to foster 21st-century education using digital mediums. 

● Parents do not need to worry about the safety of their children at the OWIS campus that incorporates modern security and surveillance systems. For those seeking seamless transportation facilities, the school offers door-to-door bus services. 

Head of School:

Ms Michelle Dickinson, the Head of School, believes that children learn best when they have fun and engage in practical activities. She recognises the importance of academic excellence. But she emphasises building self-esteem, instils character, and encourages a global outlook in every child. Michelle is passionate about educational visits and extracurricular activities that go beyond traditional classroom experiences. 

Price Points:

Many schools put forth a price to which there are hidden extras. These could be technology fees, building development fees, etc. However, the tuition fees at OWIS Nanyang Campus for kindergarten and primary school are S$ 17,970 and S$ 20,661 for secondary school. The prices include no extra or hidden charges. 

Parent Testimonials:

OWIS has lived up to all our expectations! It has delivered above and beyond our hopes for racial diversity (there is a cap of 30% per classroom of any one nationality to ensure a good balance of global citizens), and I am also hugely impressed with the highly motivated and diverse teaching staff. It’s such a melting pot of different backgrounds and cultures!

Another thumbs up for the way my daughter, who is in Grade 4, begins each day reading the news. Exposing her to this kind of learning is not only practical, but also gives her an important understanding of what is going on in the world.

-Piyush Gupta

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5. One World International School (OWIS) Suntec Campus in Punggol


One World International School (OWIS) is among the booming international schools in Singapore. OWIS is a part of the Global Schools Foundation (GSF). It is headquartered in Singapore and is expanding in Asia and the Middle East. It imparts world-class educational experiences by offering three distinct programs: IB PYP, IB DP, and Cambridge IGCSE. 

The Suntec Campus in Punggol is the newest addition to the OWIS family to provide high-quality education to students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 in a multicultural environment. Similar to other OWIS schools, there will be a 30% nationality cap for students of a particular nationality. The OWIS group of schools is well-known among expatriates because it embraces diversity and welcomes students worldwide.

OWIS Suntec Campus is located at the heart of Singapore, surrounded by various opportunities to create an experiential learning environment. The location is prime and outstanding for students who wish to explore and nurture skills beyond academics. 

‘Kindness’ remains the core culture of the school while they focus on imparting futuristic education to create intellectual professionals. At every OWIS school, the student receives individual attention from kind and experienced educators. 

Facilities & USP:

● The school follows a play-based and inquiry-led learning approach, encouraging self-exploration among the kids. It recognises the need for students to learn and grow in a dynamic space allowing them to experiment and gain practical understanding. Thus, the OWIS Suntec Campus incorporates amenities and academic facilities to enhance learning outcomes. The classrooms are designed to foster interactive educational sessions. 

● The campus is spread across 20000 sq ft on level 3 of the Suntec Centre, including art and music rooms, resourceful libraries, and multipurpose halls to encourage indoor and outdoor sports beside fully-equipped classrooms. Moreover, students can also enjoy an outdoor sky garden. 

● The campus accommodates around 270 students, with each classroom having a maximum class size of 24 students. The teacher-student ratio is low to ensure that each student receives optimal attention. 

● The Suntec Campus is safe and secured using high-end facilities along with a proficient OWIS security staff.

Head of School:

The head of the school is Mr Mark Renie.

In his words, “Our education philosophy believes in the mindful use of technology, underpinned by values of kindness, and aims to provide holistic education to students to encourage them to be open-minded, global learners.”

Price Points:

Being a not-for-profit educational institution, the school has made provisions to improve the quality of teaching by reinvesting. Therefore, the school can deliver top-notch educational experiences without charging excessively. 

The Net Fee for students wanting to study at the Suntec Campus is based upon the child’s current academic year ranging from (EC 1-2) 18,860 to (Grade 7-8) 25,000 Singapore dollars. 

Parent Testimonials:

We appreciate the regular communication from the teachers so we know what and how our children are learning. Everyone is positive, pleasant, engaging and student-centred.

-Katrina H.

Rupali Karekar

Ms Karekar comes with over 20 years experience in content writing and content strategy in fields from journalism and content marketing. As head of international communications, she has been actively interacting with stakeholders like the student, teacher and parent community to ensure open channels of dialogue and passage of information between all parties. As a result, the school initiatives and stakeholder performances find the right platform and voice to share their achievements.

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