Bridge to Grade 2: How GIIS provides additional support to primary students

Shubhdarshani Mitra
Oct 22, 2021
Primary Education

Did you know your child’s school can give a powerful head start to their formal education, right after kindergarten? The accelerated learning, customised as per the needs of your child, aids a seamless transition from Kindergarten (K2) to Grade 2. It helps young children hone the necessary skills required for Grade 1 to kickstart primary school. They save time as they catch up with their peers in the existing Grade 1 batch and transition to Grade 2 together, while achieving the desired learning outcomes.

Among the top international schools in Singapore, GIIS provides additional support to mid-year Grade 1 joiners to aid a smooth transition to Grade 2. With over 10 years of expertise in bridging the learning gap for primary students, GIIS focuses on mastering the necessary skills required to move to Grade 2. The January Grade 1 joiners are given extra support and guidance to help them transition to the next grade when the academic session starts in April.

Is your child eligible for bridge learning?

Students who have completed kindergarten can start Grade 1 in January if they meet the age criteria, and upon successful achievement of the expected learning outcomes, they are eligible to transition to Grade 2 in April of the same year.

If your child has completed K2 and is over 5 years, they are eligible for Grade 1 at GIIS. The Bridge to Grade 2 is an additional support for students who join Grade 1 in January as it helps them catch up with their peers and master key skills required for transition to Grade 2.

A strong foundation aids seamless transition of students to higher grades

Why opt for it? Highlights and benefits of the Bridge to Grade 2

Save an academic year 

One of the top benefits of bridge learning is that it helps students save an academic year. At GIIS, your child can complete Grade 1 at the same time their peers are finishing the academic session in March and completing Grade 1. The idea is to bridge the curriculum gap between the new students and the existing Grade 1 batch. The students transition to Grade 2 with their peers instead of spending the whole academic year in Grade 1.

Multiple curricula options

The bridge learning option that caters to multiple curricula gives your child a wider opportunity in terms of choosing a programme that suits their learning style and your long-term goals for them. “At GIIS, when your child joins Grade 1 and opts for the CBSE or the IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) curricula, they are well-equipped with the necessary skills to move to higher grades. We provide support and guidance to the students to make the mid-year transition smooth for them,” says Ms. Rekha Varghese, Vice-Principal, GIIS SMART Campus, Singapore.

For an international curriculum like the PYP, the young learners are encouraged to actively participate in their own learning journey along with the teacher’s guidance. For a syllabus-based curriculum like the CBSE, key concepts and topics from the syllabus, required to step into Grade 2, are focussed upon. 

Exclusive classes under expert guidance

 “At GIIS, the January joiners are grouped in separate classes where our teachers use differentiated instructional strategies. The students are guided by experienced teachers who know the skills required for Grade 2. Timely assessments are done to provide appropriate feedback on student learning and development,” adds Ms. Varghese.

At GIIS, when your child opts for bridge learning, you pay the Grade 1 fee from January to March, pro-rated for three months. 

While it can provide the necessary sprint to your child, you need to consider all significant factors that will shape your child’s future education. You must look at the school’s expertise and experience in providing different curricula. Only a strong curriculum will lay the right foundation for your child who’s at a critical stage of starting primary school. GIIS’ expertise in bridging the learning gaps has received parents’ appreciation for more than a decade and continues to benefit our students.

To know more about Bridge to Grade 2 at GIIS, please do not hesitate to contact GIIS’ friendly admissions counsellors.

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