Top reasons for choosing the IB PYP curriculum for your child

Odaia Ranido
Mar 25, 2022
IB PYP Curriculum

To give your child a solid foundation for future learning, consider the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). The IB PYP encourages overall child development, ignites a lifelong love for learning and prepares children to tackle real-world problems. In addition, the comprehensive, future-focused curriculum promotes inquiry-based learning that invites children to take charge of their education. Learn more about how your child can benefit from the IB PYP curriculum now and in the future.


Top Reasons for Choosing IB PYP

Parents choose the IB PYP for numerous reasons. Here are some of its top benefits for children in primary school.

1. Discover Inquiry-Based Education

Inquiry-based learning teaches children to grasp concepts and their nuances. Instead of memorising facts, children learn how to ask questions, process the information and reflect on solutions. Teachers guide and facilitate learning rather than tell children what or how to think. This approach equips children to think outside the box and solve real-world problems.

2. Master Collaborative Learning

Through the IB PYP, children first learn to trust their abilities and mind. Then they participate in group and team activities with peers and teachers. The process lays the foundation for collaboration, communication and other essential interpersonal skills.

3. Foster Critical and Creative Thinking

Children in the IB PYP learn how to analyse information, look at challenges from various angles and solve problems. Developed during inquiry-based learning, these critical and creative thinking skills develop a child’s confidence. Children can also apply the same abilities to various academic subjects and extracurricular activities.

4. Cultivate Responsibility

The student-centred IB PYP equips children to become responsible and autonomous learners with a global mindset. Instead of receiving information like a sponge, children must work to learn. As a result, they discover how to take ownership of their learning and pride themselves on a job well done.

5. Hone Communication Skills

The IB PYP prompts children to express themselves in various ways using multiple languages. As they work independently and in groups, they develop verbal, written and listening skills. In addition, children practise communication as they process information, discuss findings and share conclusions.

6. Embrace an International Mindset

Open-mindedness, empathy and compassion are essential skills for thriving in the world and will remain so. Children naturally cultivate these and other skills as part of the IB PYP learner profile. While discovering concepts, children understand how to see issues from different perspectives, value a global mindset and care about issues and people.

GIIS Offers the IB PYP at a moderate fee

If these benefits of the IB PYP sound intriguing, take a look at the IB Primary Years Programme at GIIS, Singapore. We offer this programme for children from grades one to five at a fee that is almost 40% lower than some other international schools. We also have access to resources that help us implement features that enhance the curriculum and ensure your child gains all the benefits.

Students at GIIS learn collaboratively while inquiring about a concept

21st-Century Skills

To succeed in higher education and the workplace, your child needs a well-rounded education, which is why we prioritise the 4 C’s—Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity—of 21st-century education. Our classroom activities, workshops, exhibitions, service projects and other events support the development and growth of our students. As a result, your child gains skills that equip them for success at school and beyond.

Multicultural Impact

Our student body comprising students from over 40 nationalities creates a unique space that invites your child to embrace a global mindset. While learning, playing and discovering alongside children from different regions, cultures and nations, your child gains invaluable experience. As a result, your child is more empathetic and prepared to live and work in the global economy.

Nurturing Teachers

In addition to understanding the IB PYP framework and implementing it through the course of the PYP, our trained and qualified teachers know how to stimulate, appreciate and reward children. They are passionate about this educational approach and constantly learn new ideas and techniques they can use in the classroom. Your child receives constant support from facilitators who guide and nurture. 

Empowering Facilities

Our facilities add depth and increase support as your child completes projects, explores concepts and engages in inquiry-based learning. Students have access to collaborative learning spaces, separate areas for music, dance and sports at both our Punggol and East coast campuses. In addition, our SMART campus has innovation rooms, skills-based studios and digital classrooms that motivate students to learn and explore new things each day.

Choose the IB PYP for Your Child

The IB PYP includes a framework that supports your child’s educational journey. The learner and the learning community combine to create a nurturing educational environment that promotes a love of learning.

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Support your child’s success in school and as a global citizen. Through the IB PYP, your child becomes a confident, responsible and knowledgeable citizen ready to live and work in the real world.

To learn more, we invite you to visit our campus or schedule a one-on-one meeting with our admissions counsellors. Discover how your child will benefit from our IB PYP curriculum.

Odaia Ranido

Ms. Ranido is the PYP coordinator and the GMP coordinator for GIIS East Coast Campus.  She has over 20 years of teaching experience in different international and bilingual schools in Southeast Asia.  She spent the last 11 years leading the implementation of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) as a coordinator and teacher. She completed her Masters of Arts in Education from Sheffield Hallam University, UK in 2015.  Ms. Ranido joined the Global Indian International School, EC Campus in July, 2019.

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