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An award-winning curriculum using the modern montessori methodologies

A Futuristic Curriculum at International Preschool in Singapore

We have the most award-winning Montessori curriculum - The Global Montessori Plus which provides holistic learning opportunities to students in their foundational years. Our approach to pre-school learning combines the best of Montessori philosophy with the requirements of modern learning, making us one of the leading international kindergartens in Singapore. 

Through contemporary teaching methods using state-of-the-art infrastructure, we build a strong love of learning among preschoolers in a fun and positive environment which helps them evolve into curious students ready to take on challenges of the digital world.

International Kindergarten in Singapore - A Snapshot

The Singapore education system has an expedient approach. Formal school education in Singapore begins from the Primary School years starting at age 7. However, the majority of children attend preschool in private international schools as pre primary education is not mandated by the government. Preschool education in Singapore comprises two broad sectors, the child care sector managed by Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) and Kindergartens registered under the MOE.

Kindergarten is a fun way for kids to learn before starting school. They play, sing, draw, and make friends, helping them transition from home to school.

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Early Childhood education at GIIS Singapore

Age Criteria for Kindergarten Admission

Children between the age of  3 years are eligible to start Montessori in Singapore GIIS campuses. Students of age 3 - 5 are given the choice of joining at Singapore nursery school, K1 and K2 levels where they are introduced to lessons, theories and concepts by qualified teachers within an impactful learning environment. This is what makes our GMP curriculum most sought after among other international kindergarten in Singapore.

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3 years 5 months as of 31st March
Junior KG/K1
3 years and above as of 31st March
Senior KG/K2
4 years and above as of 31st March
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GIIS Singapore SMART CAMPUS Kindergarten Children Happy and Smiling

What is the Plus?

GIIS Singapore Global Montessori Plus Curriculum Logo

GMP takes the best of reputed methodologies like Montessori programme and adds a ‘plus’ to by smoothly introducing newer and futuristic ways into the well-designed curriculum. It balances the  traditional Montessori methods with contemporary teaching and learning tools infused with innovative technologies for the holistic growth and development of students. This award-winning program gets students ready for higher education and face the future world with confidence. 

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Why Prefer GMP?

Global Montessori Plus Programme is the perfect balance of the renowned Montessori preschool pedagogy and the modern-day requirements of age-appropriate preschool learning. It deftly balances the traditional with the contemporary by cleverly introducing new-age topics to complement the Montessori method.

Seamless Transition

Our students learn under the watchful and observant eyes of well-trained primary teachers. Important subjects are introduced in a smooth manner to familiarise students with concepts and language that will help them in the next level of education. This creates a positive and lively learning environment which boosts physical, mental and emotional growth; and helps in the easy transition of students to primary school.

GIIS Preschool Student happy in Classroom

Our Teachers

Our expert faculty are handpicked based on their educational accomplishment, their area of expertise and their passion towards young learners. Teachers are equipped with modern and innovative technologies to seamlessly connect and provide superlative learning experiences to students. They are also constantly encouraged to train themselves to better levels of knowledge in their area of interest.

SMART Classrooms for Kindergarteners  at GIIS SMART CAMPUS


We have integrated the best teaching and learning approaches around the world into our pedagogy to impart education that is conducive to 21st century requirements. Our 9GEMS approach to education, provides holistic development of students through nine areas of excellence, which includes academics as well as sports, arts, skills and values. It is an innovative approach wherein students are encouraged to participate and polish their skills related to academics, sports, leadership, and entrepreneurship that prepares them for vocational and career progression.

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Group discussion in Classroom at GIIS Nursery School

Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA)

The extraordinary choices of ECAs offered develops the social skills, critical thinking, and teamwork abilities of students and acclaims GIIS as one of the proficient international preschools in Singapore. Mandatory participation in any of the activities nurtures the outstanding holistic growth of students.

GIIS Singapore East Coast Campus Students Playing in Nursery Play Area

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

We believe that every child has a unique and remarkable inborn talent that needs to be identified at the right time and age. At GIIS Singapore nursery school we offer a plethora of CCAs that help ignite the passions of students in the right direction to identify their interests and personalities. Students are encouraged to participate in talent shows, competitions, performances, clubs, etc. to learn more than academics and become confident citizens of the future.

Cute GIIS Nursery Class boy learning with objects in Class

Safety And Security

Running one of the largest campuses in Singapore, we have taken adequate initiatives to ensure students and faculties have adequate layers of security from the instant they arrive at the campus till the time they leave. Each level is a combination of  traditional and modern security measures implemented  across the entire campus such as Facial  Recognition, Safe Lockers and more.

GIIS GMP Kindergarten Child Winning Competition
GIIS Pre Primary Students happy and smiling

Creating NextGen Leaders

Students in their early childhood years are avid learners and have excellent potential. They show curiosity, enthusiasm, and keenness in learning and possess some form of entrepreneurial skills. As a renowned kindergarten school in Singapore, we give excellent opportunities to students to mould them as future leaders with programmes like selling garden materials during class presentations, sales of compost prepared in school during events, and marketing of products in a team are few of them to build their entrepreneurial capabilities. Every nursery school admission and kindergarten student gets an opportunity to learn these phenomenal skills and shouldering responsibilities at a very young age.

GIIS Preschool Students Learning About Environment awareness

Going Green

Our students are molded to achieve excellence in academics and also learn to care for nature and the environment around us. Our go green initiatives cultivate the importance of recycling, upcycling, and how to reduce the amount of waste by effectively utilizing them. Through phenomenal activities like planting trees, sowing seeds, celebrating festivals and birthdays in an eco-friendly way, creating the best out of waste in classrooms, we encourage students’ active participation in fostering environmental awareness, and how to resolve the environmental problems effectively.

Outdoor teaching for Kindergarten students at GIIS Singapore

Community Partnerships

Global Indian International School has gained the reputation of the best preschool in Singapore for its exceptional education system that imbibes students to interact with communities and be morally and socially responsible. We create excellent opportunities for students to participate in events like fundraising and book collection drives, environmental initiatives that would help them to understand how we can make the world a better place to live.

Value Added Programme

Our expert educators regularly monitor the progress of students and take the best measures that can enhance students’ progress. Outstanding value added programs are initiated that can develop the critical thinking, creative capabilities, language and motor skills of the children.

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Subjects Offered

We offer a combination of subjects that are interesting and conducive to holistic development. These subjects impart the best knowledge and shape students into playful, happy and confident individuals who are curious about their surroundings and believe in self-learning.

Language Development - English
Mathematics Development
Music And Movement
Environmental Awareness
Motor Development
Practical Life And Sensorial Exercises
Language Development - English
Mathematics Development
Second Language Development - Tamil
Second Language Development - Hindi
Music And Movement
Environmental Awareness
Motor Development
Practical Life And Sensorial Exercises


Parent Testimonials

GIIS Testimonial - Rajiv Singh Sawhney
Methodologies like collaborative learning with peers from around the world will equip my daughter with the right knowledge and skills to excel in future.
Mr Rajiv Singh Sawhney
Parent of Sarah Sawhney
I'm very impressed with the GMP teachers' warmth and passion for children at GIIS. My kid and I were very comfortable communicating with the teachers.
Mihee Kwon
Parent of Min Jun
GIIS Singapore Student Handbook

Student Handbook

An excellent guide to being well-acquainted with the policies, rules, and decorum of the school is provided to the students and parents that need to be followed for the current academic year.

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