21st Century Learning Campus

21st Century Learning Campus

Studied discussions have found that learning environment of the 21st century need to be collaborative, creative and adaptable to individual needs. We, at the GIIS SMART Campus, have researched these studies and incorporated many ideas in our design which will go a long way in helping shape global citizens of the future.

Students at the heart of design

Our SMART Campus is a learning space that has incorporated ideas from leading architects from USA, Japan, Australia and Singapore. Over 100 teachers from GIIS also pooled in from their educational experience to add to the ideation process. As a result, a Campus customised thoroughly for needs of the NextGen Learners came into being.

Shaped like a ‘Nest’ where a student will be groomed from a fledgling to a feathered stage, the disabled-friendly building of GIIS Singapore, is strategically engineered to include technology for better learning outcomes.

The student-centric campus merges elegant design ideas with best practices within the industry to produce great benefits for student pedagogy. Traditional learning approaches find a careful balance with technology-assisted methods, and we recognise that student interactions contribute a lot to the entire learning process. Our approaches to ensure overall development of each child makes us one of the best schools with the local, Indian and international community in Singapore.

State of the Art Campus

GIIS SMART Campus has set new standards in 21st century education in Singapore making world class infrastructure and futuristic learning environments the basis of the premises.

Our state-of-the-art campus has a capacity of 3500 students in a building which has symbolic and aesthetic appeal.

The GIIS Singapore campus is wired with an extensive high speed fibre network powered by an ultra high speed 40GB per second LAN designed to provide connectivity to over 6500 wired devices. 

Students and teachers will get high speed access to internet with 2Gb broadband connections in this international school in Singapore. Classrooms have Smart Boards with Apple TV, Wifi connectivity, audio-visual systems and projectors to ensure students and teachers have a collaborative and creative approach to teaching and learning in this new day and age.

Differently-Abled Friendly Campus

Being a disabled-friendly campus is our way of integrating all sections of the society into the mainstream.

The GIIS SMART campus is designed to be a disabled-friendly campus which complies with the Code of Accessibility 2013 rules of Building Construction Authority of Singapore.

Global Indian International School in Singapore’s design has taken into consideration the various compliance requirements regarding access and approach to buildings, passenger alighting and boarding points, taxi shelters, vehicle accessibility points accessible washrooms, ramps, staircase handrails and grab bars.

Access-ways, maneuvering areas, passing areas, ramps, doorways and doors, lifts, stairways, etc., have been made accessible to our special needs students and teachers.