NextGen Studios

New phase and new way of doing things is what NextGen Learning is all about. Which is why GIIS SMART Campus has emphasised on skills-based learning in studios that hone students' inherent talent, teach them new skills and polish their personalities to make them well-rounded individuals.

The list of studios at our GIIS Singapore SMART Campus make us one of the most futuristic international schools in Singapore.

Radio Studio

We are the only school in Singapore to have a full-fledged Radio Studio - a facility that allows students to explore their talent in voice modulation, self-expression, interviewing skills and thinking on their feet.

The studio is equipped with recording equipment, acoustics, microphones, control room and editing software which allows students to record interviews, scripts etc. Many students have hosted podcasts (link) with guests from various fields which have ranged from academics to entertainment.

Live transmission of radio programmes within the school also give leverage to students to polish their talent

TV Studio

We are the only school in Singapore to have a full-fledged TV Studio - a facility that allows students to develop their personalities through skills like media and journalism studies.

Culinary Studio

Culinary skills are soft skills that are beneficial for students who are now moving to different universities around the world to pursue higher education. At such times, learning how to cook for themselves will come in very handy for the students who have been given foundational course in cooking.

At our culinary studio, students are taught to cook as part of their co-curricular activity. Cooking without fire is exercised for primary students, while secondary student activity involves using stove and utensils to make food like salads and pizzas.

Ceramic Studio

A ceramic studio in the campus imparts a skill on the students which gives a platform to their creativity. The school provides all equipment including clay, glazes, plaster board, pottery wheels etc.

Pottery making is taught by experienced teachers who conduct a workshop on this skill. Students are not just experiencing the art of making pottery, they are also learning to control their sensory organs, sharpen their timing, adding finesse to objects and finally the art of self-expression.

It also ensures that the classroom doors are secure and cannot be accessed by outsiders who are not recognised by the facial machines. The machines thus serve as a locking system for classrooms.

Performing Arts Studio

The SMART Campus has a number of studios for performing arts like the Dance Studio, Music Studio, Keyboard Studio, Piano Studio etc which allows students to learn Indian and International art forms.

Students can learn Hindustani Classical, Carnatic for music, instruments like the Tabla, Flute, Drums, Guitar etc. as well as dance forms like Kathak and Bharatanatyam from renowned teachers.