Digital Classroom

Effective learning is possible when there are tools for contemporary education. Our digital classrooms are designed to provide the amenities, the acoustics and the ambience to make this happen.


Smart TVs

Each classroom at our GIIS SMART Campus has two 65' smart television sets which are wi-fi enabled and Apple TV enabled. The TVs can stream videos, display their class work, connect with other devices and other classrooms and even airdrop personal documents at the touch of a button. The TVs also double up as touchscreen SMART boards which can be interactive.


The teachers and students use iPads and MacBooks in the classrooms for all communication, activities and notes.

Teachers use their iPads to display teaching material, share important power points and make notes which enhances the collaborative digital learning experience for students.

Students, on the other hand, use MacBooks for their own classwork, which allows them to connect to teachers' devices, the Smart TVs in the classroom, as well as with peers.

Each device runs on a solid 2GB wifi network - a speed that gives maximum output for all learning procedures.

Audio - Visual Elements

Each classroom has been provided with teacher microphones and supported by the latest audio system to ensure students hear crystal clear sound across the entire classroom.

It also gives our teachers the flexibility to walk around in the classroom unhindered. Collar mikes provided to them enables sound to travel more clearer within the classroom.

At the same time, students also have the equipment to make presentations through projectors to the Smart TVs allowing collaborations and effective communication between teacher and students.

Teacher iPads control all devices in the class, which means there is total grip over what students get to do on their devices, what is displayed on the TV screens and which websites are available for interaction.


Effective learning is possible when there are tools for contemporary education.

Ambience around the classroom in our international school in Singapore is that which encourages communication, creativity and collaboration. Through tech-savvy devices all stakeholders communicate with each other, use wifi facilities to project their work and share it with the class which translates to effective collaboration. All this interaction increases the creativity of the group as they brainstorm and feed off each other to enhance their own knowledge. This has made us the best international school in Singapore.