Playing sport is an inherent part of growing up for the students at GIIS - an international school in Singapore. It enhances their physical fitness, mental agility as well as teaches them teamwork, quick thinking and strategising.

At the GIIS SMART Campus, we have facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports like Football, Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Lawn Tennis. Other sports like Swimming and Rock Climbing will be introduced soon.

Indoor Facilities

GIIS is one of the best schools for local, Indian and international students in Singapore. Our SMART Campus has three multi-purpose halls which hold facilities for indoor sports like Badminton, Basketball and Table Tennis. Dedicated coaches provide training to students in these sports.

The SMART Campus has teams in various age groups for each of these sports and have won a number of inter-school competitions at various levels making us proud.

Outdoor Facilities

We have a vast field at the GIIS Singapore SMART Campus which is conducive to hold sporting activities for track and field events like Football, Outdoor Basketball, Lawn Tennis and Cricket.

At GIIS - one of the best international schools, our coaches hold sessions twice a week at these grounds, grooming them not just to understand the nuances of the game but also training them to be able to compete at various levels.