High Achievers

Our students have been consistently standing out for their achievements not just in academic activities but also in extracurricular and co-curricular events.

Our holistic approach to education combined with the dedication of our staff and teachers facilitates students to excel in all aspects of life, and we believe that these high achievers point to the well-rounded students our programme helps to create.

Our students’ exemplary academic performance, scores and notable placements further attest to the commitment to quality that has guided our growth over the past decade.


An outstanding school average of 87.2% on national CBSE Class 12 examinations

ASEAN and Middle East topper with 98.2% in CBSE Grade 12 examination 2016

84% of Cambridge IGCSE students receiving A+ or A grades in their Class 10 examinations

100% of the IGCSE Class of 2018 achieved Cambridge International Certificate in Education (ICE) distinction/merit qualifications

Here are some examples of high achievers that GIIS has seen in recent years.

Academic Achievements

Quality academics remain at the forefront of what GIIS aims to excel in, and several of our students have won academic awards for their efforts, including:

14 world toppers and 24 near perfect scorers till 2019

The prestigious Best Delegate award for two GIIS students participating in the Yale-NUS Model ASEAN.

Commendable achievements in the CommonWealth Essay Writing Competition.

In addition to these awards, our students actively demonstrate the initiative to start programs on their own campuses that help showcase and hone not just their own academic abilities but of other students as well, such as the Economics and Business Club, Bibliophile's Retreat Book Club, TEDx, and MUN among many others.


Award-Winning Environmental Programs

In an effort to encourage our students to become valuable global citizens, GIIS campuses regularly ask them to create and participate in projects that encourage environmental conservation and green living. Many of these projects have earned recognition and awards outside of the classroom, such as:

Second prize for the Litter Free Campaign from the Secondary School team at the Think Green Convention

Certificate of Merit awarded to student participants at the Youth Leaders for A Sustainable Future Competition hosted by Activistar

Appreciation for Project S.W.I.T.C.H, a program designed to encourage people to turn off the lights when they are not in use

Winning the 2013 Project Earth World Environment Day Contest with the "Learning Trail at Lorong Halus" project at GIIS (Queenstown Campus)

In summary, we are proud to share that our students work hard and are duly honoured for their efforts, inside as well as outside the classroom. To familiarise yourself more with our high achievers, visit your nearest GIIS campus for a tour today!