Global  Montessori Plus Programme for Pre - School

We offer the Global Montessori Plus Programme, an award-winning programme that offers a blend of the world renowned Maria Montessori approach to pre-school methodology with the best practices of modern education.

Pioneered by GIIS, this is the only international pre-school curriculum of its kind, and rests on five solid pillars that will give our pre-schoolers a strong foundation in their student life.

Through its targeted programming, the GMP not only fosters development of cognitive, expressive and motor skills, but also induces a sense of social responsibility, cultural awareness and environmental consciousness - all key components of GIIS's holistic pedagogy.

Pre-School ProgrammeGlobal Montessori Plus Programme

The 5 Pillars of GMP

Our GMP stands tall on 5 strong pillars.


'Excelerate' Programme

Accelerating basic literacy skills with special emphasis on excellence is what our 'Excelerate' Programme is all about. Our emphasis lies in giving students fluency in language through listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as providing numeracy skills through maths in a fun and interesting manner. Our individualistic focus has resulted in our students being fast and eager learners from a young age.

Montessori Excelerate Programme
Montessori Multi-faceted Learning

Multi-faceted Learning

We recognise that every child is different. Our Thematic Learning methodology aims to keep the individuality of students in mind along with creating interactive activities for them at school. All these activities are aimed at nurturing the students' inherent personalities as well as helping their intellectual capacities grow in a steady manner. Such a holistic approach helps in the all-round development of our students.

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iPlay Programme

Play is an essential part at the kindergarten level - for physical, social-emotional and cognitive student development. We create the right environment for our students to interact and learn. We give them the choice of what to play, how to play and whom to play with under thorough learned supervision. This well-thought approach is meant to encourage students to accumulate information and assimilate it which in turn inculcates in them the skills of independence, cooperation and management.

Montessori iPlay Programme
GIIS iCare Programme

iCare Programme

Sensitising our students towards the  community and the environment is a major part of our GMP programme. Through activities like gardening or charity drives, we teach students the universal values of compassion, kindness and giving. Interaction with community members and participation in bonding activities also help them understand the importance of honesty, punctuality and integrity which are strong character-building foundations for their bright future.


Future Ready Programme

Giving our students an early start through NextGen Learning is our way of giving them an early start to understand and adopt key disciplines of the 21st century. Our future-ready programme includes a dynamic, hands-on approach to learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), which develops in them a love for subjects through active participation, encourages their creativity and polishes their mental capabilities of critical thinking.

Montessori Future Ready Programme

Age criteria for admission


2 years 5 months as of 31st March

KG 1

3 years and 8 months as of 31st March

KG 2

4 years and 8 months as of 31st March

Subjects offered

What is the "Plus"?

GMP's compelling value proposition lies in its customisation of Maria Montessori's world-renowned teaching methodology. By integrating the original theory with contemporary research and insights, we have infused the fundamentals of formal learning with the latest innovative learning tools.  Our methodology offers unique and unprecedented growth and development opportunities for our students.

Our Teachers

Our qualified teachers have a passion for teaching and learning and are handpicked for every class. Of the many important criteria that we look for in our teachers, excellence in teaching remains foremost.

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GIIS Singapore KG Teacher

Seamless Transition to Primary School

The GMP programme is a stepping stone that helps a student make seamless transition into Grade 1. Our individualistic focus has resulted in our students being fast and eager learners from a young age.

This ensures that the students are well prepared to face newer challenges as they grow. Skills required for Grade 1 like reading, writing and numeracy are provided to students in Kindergarten 2 to ensure that primary curriculum is not overwhelming for students.

GIIS Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is prepared as a guide for parents and students to be acquainted with the policies and procedures of the school, to be followed during the academic year.

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