Campus Tour


Our friendly Customer Relation Officers (CROs) will take you on a comprehensive hour-long tour of the campus to familiarise you with the infrastructure, facilities and tools available at the SMART Campus for our students.

The tour has been specially designed to showcase the best infrastructure, the newest ideas, the latest technology and learning benefits to the students.

Virtual Campus Tour


The tours start with each visitor being provided headsets which will help them have a better hearing of the information being meted out by the CROs. Visitors devices, once channeled on the receivers' signals, can use their headphones to have uninterrupted reception of information.

At every stop, the visitors' will see videos of how each facility works. In classrooms, digital usage of the facilities will be demonstrated, while in the library, one can see how the book borrow and drop facility works.


We organise tours on a regular basis - including weekdays and weekends. Visitors can book a tour or register their interest here.

Walk-in visitors will also be accommodated.

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