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Events  and Activities - GIIS Singapore


One of the biggest school talent events, Jhankaar is a dance competition which showcases the talents of our students. The competition is also open to students from other schools who may wish to participate in the talent contest.

Dancers are selected through many rounds of elimination in various categories like traditional, to folk, to western dance forms. The participants display amazing commitment and involvement with knowledge in music, choreography, costumes, accessories, props and practice for solo as well as group dances.

The participants display amazing commitment and involvement with their knowledge in music, choreography, costumes, accessories, props and practice for solo as well as group dances.  

Global Indian Stars

Global Indian Stars is a leading school-level singing talent hunt in Singapore which brings on stage various talented performers from all over the island to showcase their singing prowess in various musical genres from semi-classical to Bollywood music to Western beats.

GIS identifies budding talent and offers them a platform to showcase their skills, inculcating a feeling of musical unity in them. For the young singers, it is a chance to test their musical prowess and gain confidence for further learning.

The competition is intense and rigorous running for several weeks, where the best compete with each other on a single platform. Through this the school is not only able to identify students who have an inclination towards and talent for singing, but it also inspires these budding talents to keep their passions alive through proper training in school.

Global School Awards

To celebrate the achievements of our students, GIIS gives out the Global School Awards - which are a combination of trophies and certificates - handed out for subject proficiency, proficiency in sports or extra-curricular activities.

We invite experts and honourable members of the society as Guests of Honour who motivate students through interactions and possibly inspire them.

Parents are also part of the award ceremony, who come to cheers their wards and be part of their achievements.


This is a story-telling competition for students from Kindergarten to Secondary Grades, which attempts to instil the art of narrating a story in students, as well as encourage the art of listening.

The objective is to encourage students to use their linguistic skills, imagination and creativity to bring out the story-teller in them. It not only develops their communication skills but also instills confidence in them.

HI-Q Quiz

General Knowledge contests are the sharpest tests of the mind among students which encourage them to be aware of what is happening around the world.

Our HI-Q Quiz is more than just general knowledge. It involves Maths, Science, Geography, History and Contemporary History and Arts as part of the quiz questions which makes it one of the most competitive contests of its kind.

The idea is to give students an opportunity to test their knowledge at competitive levels, develop their quick-thinking skills and inspire to be the next Aryabhatta or Einstein. They also get to meet their peers from sister GIIS campuses and learn to compete at an inter-school level.

For Grades 1-5 the different rounds in the quiz cover the entertainment world, Singapore, famous monuments and personalities, flora and fauna, current affairs, audio-visual and rapid fire. Each round is truly innovative and challenging. The participating teams get support and encouragement from GIIS teachers and parents to prepare for the quiz.

For the Global Montessori Plus children the competition questions are based on mazes, puzzles, rhymes, visual rounds, mathematical questions, GK questions and several topics covered in the curriculum


The Spell-O-Well competition is a test on proficiency of spellings and vocabulary while injecting adrenaline-pumping fun. Each round of the carefully researched competition was keenly contested and all participants maintained team spirit and kinship when the scrambled to form words.

Leadership Lecture Series

We provide our students exposure to the thoughts and ideas of leaders of the industry, who share their success journey with them. Under the Leadership Lecture Series, we invite industry experts from various arenas including political, cultural, artistic, athletic and scientific leaders from across the globe to interact with students on topics of their expertise and interest.  The result is creativity, passion and action in our students, encouraging them to be critical thinkers, out of the box thinkers, communicative, responsive and great public speakers.

Real World Challenges Convention

The aim of this event is to bring together schools from Singapore and other Asian countries to share ideas and give students a platform to showcase their talent. Contingents from various GIIS campuses and other schools in the host country are invited to participate in the competitions that encourages Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

The event provides the right stimulation to teams to present their ideas in the form of art, essays, speeches, debates and multimedia presentations. There are competitions held to celebrate the creativity, entrepreneurial and innovative temperament of the young learners from kindergarten to secondary level.

GMP Special Events

Transport Week, Road Safety Week

Special Week

Team Work

Universal Values Observance