GIIS  Singapore Faculty

Of the many important criteria that we look for in our faculty, excellence in teaching remains the foremost. Whether it is Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary or Senior Secondary grades, qualified teachers with a passion for teaching and learning are handpicked for every class across all geographies. Specifically, we look for the following unique points:

Domain Proficiency

We ensure that our teachers are experts in their fields with a wealth of experience which makes them an invaluable asset.

Selection Criteria

Our interview process is rigorous, our selection criteria is stringent and our evaluation takes into account inter-personal skills, past experience and the ability to adapt and improvise.


Our teachers undergo a minimum of 80 hours of training each year. Our dedicated training and development centre ensures that opportunities are identified for each faculty member to improve themselves and in turn help the organisation grow.


We share knowledge and expertise across our various campuses by exchanging ideas of best practises and conducting training and brainstorming sessions.