Hostel Facility

Hostel Facility


Student residents of the hostel can avail the services of the school bus for arrival and departure from school.

The school bus will pick up and drop off students at their respective hostels each morning and evening.


The hostel facility will have triple sharing or single room available, costing will be shared accordingly.


Breakfast & dinner will be provided on weekdays and students can buy lunch at school. For weekends & holidays Hostel will provide all meals.




Students who are in Grade 9 and above (age 14) are eligible to avail the hostel facilities in Singapore from 2020.


The students will have to share their last 2 years of mark sheet and will have to go through an aptitude test and a virtual interview.


Post which GIIS will notify the students who are selected for admission in the school and can avail the hostel facility at a charge.

The decision of student selection is solely on GIIS’s team and will be the final decision.


Along with the above process students will go through standard process of admission as required to enrol into GIIS Campuses in Singapore


Conveniently located at a short distance from school.


The premises has 24x7 security and CCTV cameras to ensure no unauthorised people enter. Each visitor is expected to give their personal details to the security guard and register themselves before being allowed inside the premises.

A lady hostel warden lives within the premises to take care of all the needs of the students.

Medical Insurance

Students living in the hostel will be covered under additional medical insurance.


Students arriving in Singapore for studying will have to apply for a Student Pass with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore.
GIIS will facilitate the students in submitting the application & follow up for approval.

In the current Singapore immigration law there is no provision for Parent/Guardian Visa to accompany the student.

In case of rejection of Student Pass by ICA for any reason, GIIS will refund the registration charge for school and Hostel after deducting administrative charges for processing.


There are strict rules and regulations in place for students using the hostel facilities. Students are expected to adhere to the timings. Any change will have to be notified to the school authorities beforehand.


Parents/Guardians can come to visit their children, but will have to make their own living arrangements. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to stay with the students in the hostel.

Bank Account

Each student coming to Singapore will have to open a bank account with any of the local banks. This ensures that parents/guardians will be able to transfer funds for the students’ payments and expenses directly from a local account.

This also ensures that the students will have funds to take care of their daily expenses.

Starting a bank account in Singapore is an easy process which can be done over the counter or online. Details of the relevant documents required for the account opening are available on the bank’s website. GIIS will facilitate in terms of letter required.

Hostel Enquiries

From Singapore: +65 6914 7100
From India: 1800 5722 810 (Toll-Free)