Bilingual Education Programme

GIIS is recognised as one of the top bilingual schools in Singapore that offers the highest standards of English and Mandarin as the core language programmes. Our well-designed bilingual curriculum benefits students who want to seamlessly transition into learning Math, Science, and other subjects in English. It helps students acquire linguistic awareness and proficiency.

Bilingual Curriculum at GIIS Singapore

Why be bilingual?

Knowing more than one language gives an edge to students who want to develop a strong linguistic proficiency, as well as expand their horizons for future education. Providing early bilingual education to students helps them to exceptionally develop their cognitive skills and thinking capabilities. The most benefit of bilingual education comes through programmes like ours which  help students build their potential in languages and diversify their outlook.

Our Bilingual Programme for Grades 1 to 5

The outstanding Bilingual education in primary school is provided at GIIS from Grades 1-5.

GIIS offers the best bilingual curriculum that includes the world’s most popular language Mandarin. Our expert educators well-equipped with the curricula provide excellent academic rigour across all subjects and hone the core abilities of students. For students who want to exclusively take up the Chinese-English bilingual curriculum, we can facilitate the same with separate classes to provide an exceptional learning experience.

Our outstanding curriculum gives our students a competitive advantage to our students.

Bilingualism at GIIS Singapore
Bilingual Outcome for GIIS Singapore Students

The Outcome

Our programme help students to excel in academics and become phenomenal communicators. Students, who come from different nationalities, learn about different cultures, develop open-mindedness and face challenges confidently.

A bilingual education adds an exemplary asset value to the learning portfolio of a student and chisels their creative and problem-solving skills.

Bilingual education also provides extraordinary opportunities in the job market as in this interconnecting and swiftly growing economy multilingual workforce is becoming key to the success of a business.

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Subjects Offered

English Language
Mandarin Language
Personal, Social & Physical Education
Unit of Inquiry (Science, Technology & Social Studies)
Additional subject

Extra Curricular & Co-Curricular Activities

GIIS is a well established global institution that thinks beyond academics for the excellent development of every student. We believe that for the extraordinary holistic growth of students it is important to mould their personalities and skills. We offer the perfect platform with a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities wherein student participation is mandatory which helps build their skills.

Junior Athletics
Ceramics and
Clay Modelling
Vocal Music
Science Clubs

Student Handbook

GIIS meticulously plans its policies to be beneficial for the students. Get the best information in the well-structured student handbook which is applicable for the academic year.

Student Handbook 2022-2023
Exam Schedule 2022-2023
Holiday Schedule 2022-2023
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