Chinese-English Bilingual Programme at GIIS 中英双语课程

An immersive experience for students seeking proficiency in Mandarin and English.

Chinese-English Bilingual Programme at GIIS 中英双语课程

An immersive experience for students seeking proficiency in Mandarin and English.

GIIS Singapore Bilingualism

Why be Bilingual? /  为什么选择双语课程?

With the world coming closer together, it is essential that students learn as many languages as possible to help them manoeuvre the realities of the new world for future success. Bilingualism will be a distinctive skill throughout much of the 21st century, as professionals across all industries begin to work in a globally-connected economy.


Bilingualism at GIIS / GIIS的双语

Knowledge of written and spoken Mandarin is now being considered an asset especially in workplaces of the future. By teaching them the world's most spoken language, Mandarin, we are giving our students a competitive edge over their peers. The Programme is aligned with our vision of nurturing future global citizens, and prepares students to handle diversity and broaden their horizons for a better career.


About the Programme / 关于双语课程

Open to all nationalities, our bilingual programme will commence from January 2021 for students of Grades 1 to 5. It offers equal exposure to English and Mandarin as part of the curriculum and is designed on an inquiry-based framework.


Qualified teachers, who are proficient in both Mandarin and English, deliver the curriculum in part English and part Mandarin language. Classes are separate for students pursuing Chinese-English Bilingual Programme.


About the Billingual Programme

Subjects Offered: Class 1 - 5 / 科目选择(小学一至五年级):

English Language

Mandarin Language


Personal, Social & Physical Education

Unit of Inquiry (Science, Technology & Social Studies)

The Outcome / 结果

Our Chinese-English Bilingual Programme does more than teach students a new language skill. It builds communication skills and increases cultural awareness among students. Collaboration and interaction becomes easier as a result, and students learn to respect those around them.


The programme also builds a strong foundation for a student's future, making them embrace multiple views and ideas, making them innovative and creative in the process. Solutions to everyday problems will have worldly connotations as different points of view are taken into account.


In the job market too, Bilingualism will be an add expertise, added to the resume, and will be a valuable skill to have in a globalised economy. This interconnectedness will go a long way in ensuring the future success of the student.


The Outcome of Billingual Programme

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