Online  Classes at Singapore's Leading International School

A safe, digitalised facility for education continuity of students without disruption

Our SMART Campus operates like a virtual and international online school and give the option of online education to all students of all grades through the initiative called the Virtual School. Dedicated facilities provide all aspects of schooling virtually, minimising disruption and ensuring convenience for all stakeholders.

What are Virtual Schools

A virtual learning school is an initiative which arose out of the necessity of education continuity for students in the event of uncertainties or obstacles that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances. From online book buying to online classrooms to online paperwork and counselling, virtual schools give students and parents the option of connecting with the school at the click of a button. Our GIIS Smart Campus hopes to become one of the best online schools for students to facilitate digital learning.

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms or online school classes are the first and most important aspect of virtual schools. These classrooms are safe and secure online spaces which run from any device from all corners of the world.

Teachers invite students to the classroom by sending them a meeting identification number and password through their personal email account. Students are able to log in, interact, communicate with the teacher and peers, participate in the classroom activities etc. from the comfort of their homes through online preschool classes.

How Virtual Classrooms work

Using paid online technology, which is 100% safe, students are given access to a virtual learning school classroom which is controlled virtually by a trained teacher. Each student works on their school-given devices, which are accessible to the teacher, who also has complete control over who can enter or exit his/her classroom.

Interactive sessions can be held, which allow students to participate fully, by listening as well as talking virtually in class. Teachers also use Smart devices such as whiteboards to write on, which are visible to students. These activities are recorded and can be used in the future for revision purposes. Google Classrooms are used for project work and exchange of notes.

Learning Outcomes

By expanding the learning environment beyond physical classrooms and the campus, we ensure that student learning is not hindered due to outside circumstances through our online learning school.

Virtual classrooms are also a boon to those who may find their relocation plans affected by unforeseen circumstances. Students can continue with their education unhindered by joining virtual classrooms from the comfort of their homes. In normal circumstances, they get to engage in collaborative learning with peers from all around the world.

Parent Portal

We have a dedicated intranet portal for parents called myGIIS where they can get information on everything related to their child/children. From attendance and temperature taking activities to class performance, upcoming events and e-consent for participation in activities, this portal has information which parents can avail at the click of a button.

They can also order books online and get them delivered to their doorstep. Payment of fees and other activities is possible through myGIIS, while student health matters are also found there. Parents can find the Grade timetables, upcoming events, information on clubs and facilities and eContract forms on the portal.

Counselling Activities

All activities that require parent-school interaction are possible through the virtual school.

Parents who need to speak to the school principal or class teacher can book their time online at their convenience. Our student counsellor and career counsellor are also available for discussions and guidance online through dedicated WhatsApp numbers.

Parents who need to speak to Admissions Counsellors regarding any matter of importance with relation to admissions, fees, transport services, books and payments etc. can do so by booking a meeting with the Admissions Counsellors.

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A dedicated Helpdesk is active all 7 days a week for the parent and student community. Each query with the Helpdesk is treated as a ticket raised, and each ticket is resolved within 48 hours. Parents/students can send a message to the Helpdesk to get the necessary help at their fingertips.

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