9 GEMS(TM) Holistic Framework

Award-winning framework for all-round student development

Ours is a dynamic educational framework aimed at fostering all-round development of students through an integrated, holistic approach to learning. Fusing the best of both Eastern and Western educational approaches, the award-winning 9GEMS model takes learning beyond academics with equal focus on sports, skills and values.

Why 9Gems

What makes 9GEMS truly innovative is its balanced, age-appropriate and adaptive approach to student development which makes them well-evolved personalities.

We emphasise on academic excellence, but also focus on other aspects of student growth including sports excellence, skills development, leadership skills, artistic skills and universal values. These competencies help in vocational and career progression during school years.

As students progress, they continually discover themselves and expand their learning horizons.

Introducing the Nine Gems

Academic Excellence

GIIS’ internationally acclaimed academic excellence measurement framework integrates best practices in pedagogy designed to optimise learning outcomes for every single child.

Collaborative, project-based learning and cross-campus exchange facilitate knowledge sharing outside the classroom through a variety of educational projects, experiential learning, and team discussions with technology as a key tool.

Sports Excellence

GIIS is committed to shaping and honing student athletes, as well as providing them with a platform for displaying their growth and abilities. Progress is measured both qualitatively and quantitatively to help students focus on advancing their strengths and improving weaker areas while simultaneously learning about the value of sportsmanship. The importance of holistic well-being - with a focus on body, mind and soul - is also emphasised.

Visual and Performing Arts

Early exposure to digital and visual arts helps students explore and discover their inclination towards the area of art and its appreciation while also fostering creativity and promoting overall learning.

Personality Development

This Gem facilitates unique learning opportunities focused on cultivating various aspects of character development, including communication and social skills, confidence and teamwork. Self-expression, theatre and music are all explored within this sphere.

Innovation and Creativity

Creativity is the key to solving today's complex challenges. The GIIS Comprehensive Creativity Development Programme (CCDP) helps students develop innovative approaches to problem solving through a broad range of empirical and theoretical approaches.

Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Decision-making, critical thinking, effective communication and problem-solving abilities enable students to undertake responsibility and authority, be effective leaders and enhance their interpersonal skills. The GIIS Leadership Lecture Series, Student Council and the GIIS Entrepreneurship Programme help students interact, engage and innovate at higher levels.

Universal Values and Ethics

GIIS produces more than good leaders. It also produces good human beings. The multi-campus Global Indian Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values gives students insights into the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and other world leaders. This well-structured, integrative approach focuses on community welfare, practicing kindness, mutual cultural respect and the need for peace.

Community and Care

Through various green initiatives, this sphere aims to nurture children as socially responsible citizens of tomorrow. Students are encouraged to undertake various activities and projects - both within the school and the community at large - to raise awareness about the environment, communities and society at large.

Skills Development

Taught to differentiate between a career, a vocation and life skills, students are encouraged to choose paths that will be meaningful and satisfying. Formulated by the Global Centre for Education Excellence (GCEE), the Action, Research, and Consultancy initiative (“ARCS”) actively promotes training and encourages students to explore the solution to any life problem.