How Does GIIS Foster a Positive Teacher-Student Relationship?

Shubhdarshani Mitra
Dec 31, 2021
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A positive teacher-student relationship creates an environment that fosters learning. If students trust their teacher and feel comfortable asking questions and admitting moments of confusion, they'll learn to open up and engage with the learning. In contrast, if they fear their teacher, or fear being called out by them, they'll retreat into silence, answering only when necessary and counting the minutes until class ends.

Can you imagine which scenario is more conducive to learning? As a parent, in which classroom would you expect your child to flourish?

At GlIS, we consistently strive to improve the way students interact with their teachers and vice-versa. In this way, we open the floodgates for curiosity and exploration. Values are important at GIIS. Kindness and respect are expected to flow both ways: from student to teacher and from teacher to student. Students receive the support and nurture needed to achieve academic goals, and the atmosphere in the classroom is relaxed and friendly. As a result, student engagement across grades and curricula is high. GIIS students learn that their opinions and ideas are worth voicing and that’s what they say matters. This is an essential building block for self-esteem, and it's something every student has the right to enjoy.

How Does GIIS Create a Healthy Teacher-Student Bond?

The perfect classroom is one where everyone feels safe, curious and engaged. The teacher enjoys teaching, and the students enjoy learning. Sadly, few things are perfect in today's world, and school is no exception. That's why GIIS is continually working to improve the way our teachers interact with their students in several ways:


RISE is an acronym for Respect, Integrity, Skills and Empathy. RISE as leaders of tomorrow is a recurring theme at GIIS, and it applies to everyone in the school, from students to faculty to administration. When we model these values ourselves, we show students how to do the same.

Values education is an integral part of holistic learning at GIIS

We Model Kindness

Our staff are experts at imparting the values of kindness and tolerance. This is practised in every classroom, from early learning through secondary school. Our teachers show kindness to the students in their classrooms, realising that all children are created differently, and each learns at his own pace. GIIS is culturally diverse, and its student body speaks many languages. However, kindness and tolerance are universal. They make students feel included and valuable across all ethnicities, and that's an important goal.

We Foster Student Well-Being

The most successful students are ones who believe in themselves. We help students reach this pinnacle by showing we believe in them, too. Our teachers and counsellors are concerned about student welfare and collaborate to ensure no student is ever left to feel as though they're all alone with no one to talk to.

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We Practice Constructive Feedback

Feedback is an important learning tool. However, the way it's offered can make or break the student-teacher relationship. At GIIS, our teacher feedback is constructive and positive, never demeaning. It's given with the student's best interests at heart and always with the goal of helping them achieve greater things. And we're open and receptive to student feedback as well.

Happiness Index: How Does it Apply to GIIS Students?

At GIIS, we quantify, monitor and encourage student happiness through the Happiness Index. It tracks feedback from students, testimonials from parents, student attendance and academic performance, level of participation in school activities and positive referrals. It's always a goal for staff at GIIS to help students reach higher and higher levels on the happiness index. When our students feel happy, content and confident, we believe we've succeeded in our roles as educators.

Warm & Welcoming Learning Environment

Everything we do at GIIS is to create a warm and welcoming environment where students feel free to be themselves and become curators of their education. We offer multiple curricula, from our Global Montessori Plus programme, which begins at age 2.5, through our IB Primary Years Programme, CBSE programme, our Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme, our Cambridge IGCSE, and our IB Diploma Programme that concludes secondary school –  fostering a diverse set of academic skills. Additionally, our 21st-century SMART Campus is designed to give students a superior learning environment that prepares them to succeed in today's global community.

At GIIS, we're educating a generation of fair, kind and tolerant leaders, and we invite you and your child to join us. If you'd like to view our state-of-the-art campus, you can schedule a tour today.

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