GIIS -  East Coast Campus

Focused on building a solid foundation during core schooling years

GIIS -  East Coast Campus

Focused on building a solid foundation during core schooling years

GIIS East Coast Campus

A green and happy campus

Situated in the east of Singapore, this award-winning school sprawls over 8 acres of land surrounded by pockets of greenery, a cosy and quiet residential area and a huge backyard comprising a sports ground. GIIS East Coast Campus caters to primary and middle school students in a premises that has an old world charm, adequate play and activity spaces and modern classrooms. The lush surroundings give it a green reputation while the pedagogical approach ensures happiness among students.

GIIS East Coast Faculty


Teachers are a big influence in shaping the personality and world view of primary grade students. Our subject teachers and class teachers are renowned for teaching students the right values and correct methodology to be ready for their high school.

GIIS East Coast Facilities


Well-equipped digital classrooms, an audio-visual room, Science, Maths and Montessori labs form the core of our educational framework for academic excellence. Sports also form an important aspect of student journey with a robust infrastructure in place to facilitate sports and other extra curricular activities - such as a multipurpose sports ground and stadium with a 400m synthetic athletic track.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is visible through our vegetable gardens and practises of planting saplings on important events.  Our commitment to cultural diversity is also visible from the number of multipurpose halls and open spaces available for numerous activities.

GIIS East Coast Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The East Coast Campus combines modern infrastructure with traditional ambience to focus on holistic development among students and prepare them for a challenging future in higher studies.

GIIS has struck the perfect balance between academics and future skills development, through the 9 GEMS holistic education framework that balances everything from excellence in education, to excellence in sports, to imparting of universal values & ethics, developing of personality & character for our students.