Collaboration Areas

Collaboration Areas

Learning Commons

Thinking outside the box is the hallmark of 21st century learning.

Our GIIS SMART campus, which makes us one of the best international schools in Singapore, will be the very place where such learning will be made possible. Through areas called Learning Commons - which combine common open spaces and transform them into classrooms, the SMART campus will provide an ambience where knowledge gathering is possible around the whole campus, and which will facilitate free thinking.

Student Innovation Rooms

Collaborating beyond school walls is the essence of 21st century learning with students, empowered by technology, able to make use of this concept more often than not. This is especially true when project-based learning programmes require students to work in small groups as well as form teams across various functional groups. 

For such collaborative discussions on project work, exam preparation etc, students can book specially designed student group rooms (SGR) created just for them in the GIIS campus, one of the best schools in Singapore.

Students will have access to sixteen SIR rooms that come equipped with TV screens, and a different seating capacity.  Teachers can also use the spaces to run mentoring programmes for students.