How an international preschool is beneficial for your child

Selina D Souza
Jul 1, 2022
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An early childhood education offers young children numerous benefits. But selecting a preschool in Singapore can be overwhelming. First, you must select a school. Options include private international schools, private kindergartens or a Ministry of Education kindergarten if you’re a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident. 

Next, you want to compare options and choose a programme that benefits your child’s development and future. Finally, you have to decide when to start your child in preschool. Typical preschools accommodate children from eighteen months to seven years, while many international preschools enrol children around age three or four. 

The decision, many times, is driven by your family’s unique needs. For example, you may need extended school hours to accommodate your work schedule. Also, you may be looking for a school where transition to primary school is possible within the same school as this makes the change smooth for the child.


Understand how the preschool benefits your child

When choosing a preschool, look for a programme that helps your child to develop holistically. It should help:

● Prepare students for success in elementary school and beyond.

● Students discover interests and preferences.

● Hone decision-making skills.

● Develop socio-emotional skills.

● Support peer relationships through sharing, conflict resolution, and collaboration.

● Grow self-confidence and independent thinking.

Determine which factors matter to your family

There are dozens of international schools in Singapore but not all of these schools offer preschool options. Research the possibilities as you choose the appropriate preschool education for your child. 

The best programme will support and nurture your child’s mental, physical and emotional development. Depending on your child’s and family’s needs, you can review the following features as you select a preschool:

● Location

● Programme structure

● Teacher-student ratio

● Enrichment activities

● Preparation for future schooling

● Hours of operation

● Cost, including tuition, fees, sibling discount, and rebates

How GIIS nurtures preschool students

GIIS welcomes children from all backgrounds, and we support the development of your whole child. The preschool programme clearly chalks out the developmental goals of the students. After engaging with our well-rounded programme, your child gains the skills needed to exit preschool and succeed in primary school and beyond. Here’s what we offer.

The Global Montessori Plus (GMP) programme, GIIS’ award-winning preschool programme, is a Montessori-plus curriculum. It is based on five pillars that support full-child development. The pillars include:

● Excelerate — focuses on language and communication skills.

● Multiple Intelligences — promotes a multifaceted learning experience.

● iCare —  instils various universal values, such as gratitude and responsibility.

● iPlay —  emphasises learning through play.

● Future-Ready —  integrates STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths).

Learning is self-paced, well-balanced and taught in fun and engaging ways. Lessons incorporate Language, Mathematics, Practical Life, Sensorial Exploration, and Cultural Studies.

GIIS teachers specialise in Early Years education. In addition to meeting a 1:12 teacher-to-student ratio, our Montessori-trained professionals support your whole child. We provide engaging, dynamic guidance throughout the day. Also, our dedicated nannies care for younger children as needed.

GIIS offers nursery for children over 2.5 years, K1 for children over three years, and K2 for children over four years. Technology supports age-appropriate learning. While we prioritise hands-on activities and play, children can also access electronic devices that support their development and preschool education.

GIIS’ positive learning environment helps students to learn and grow

We offer plenty of free play alongside guided, structured activities. Child-friendly learning spaces encourage curiosity, creativity and motor skill development. Two locations (Punggol Campus or the East Coast Campus) offer easy access for families across Singapore. 

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An international preschool benefits your child

A high-quality early childhood education serves as a stepping stone for your child. The right preschool incorporates a positive learning environment, prepares your child for future academic pursuits, and develops essential interpersonal and socio-emotional abilities.

If you are keen to know more about GIIS’ preschool programme or would like to get a first-hand experience of our facilities and learning environment, please book a campus tour today.

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