GIIS IBDP students continue to shine

Melissa Maria
Jul 8, 2022

GIIS IBDP students have done their parents and the school proud once again with 10 students emerging as IB World Toppers (45/45) and 16 as Near Perfect (44/45) scorers in 2022. 

With a school average of 38.6 points, 81 students of GIIS Singapore have graduated with over 40 points this year. GIIS’ average score surpasses the global average (31.98) and Singapore average (37.49) IBDP score for 2022.

With more than 70 World Toppers and Near Perfect scorers in the last decade, our results hold a testimony to our commitment towards academic and student excellence. 

As one of the top international schools in Singapore, GIIS has been offering the IB Diploma Programme for secondary school students since 2005. It has been a successful journey throughout, including in the pandemic years. 


This is despite the Covid challenges, which the 2022 cohort bravely overcame in their whole two years of IBDP experience. Not to forget the Class of 2021, who underwent similar challenges but broke all previous records with incredible accomplishments. 

In addition to this, over the years our IBDP students have gone to the top universities in the world – marking their difference. The programme, which is known to prepare students for university education and beyond, lays a strong emphasis on applying knowledge to real world situations. 

Our educators, at the heart of the programme, are all IB-trained professionals who are not only well-versed with the IB methodology but also highly dedicated towards nurturing our students for future success.

Moving ahead with remarkable success

In 2022, apart from our IB World Toppers and Near Perfect scorers, 74.2% achieved overall 6 and 7 grade points. 

In 2021, we had 16 World Toppers and 9 Near-Perfect scorers with a school average of  38.82 points. In addition, our students’ average score was higher than the global average of 32.99, which highlighted their success.

These would be incredible accomplishments under normal circumstances, but it's particularly inspiring considering these were students who were navigating social distancing, quarantines, masks and social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How GIIS is making a difference

We firmly believe that a key part of our IBDP success is our dedicated and well-trained faculty members. Here is how our faculty sets itself apart:

● Every staff member at GIIS is dedicated, qualified and passionate about education.

● We actively encourage our faculty members to become IB examiners, and we are proud of the fact that more than 70 percent of our staff members are IB examiners.

● Our teachers and instructors are self-motivated individuals who regularly pursue training to stay informed about the latest IBDP offerings, teaching approaches and learning techniques.

● Students can work closely with our excellent team of teachers, instructors and support staff and rely on our state-of-the-art resources as they work their way through the IBDP. Our innovative approach and SMART campus allow students to complete the IBDP successfully. Not only do they achieve high scores on their assessments, but also they graduate with well-developed 21st-century skill sets.

GIIS’ track record proves that we are dedicated to the success of every student. Our students go on to pursue an education at top universities around the world. We are proud to send future-ready learners with a complete 21st-century skill set out into the world, and we look forward to seeing their continued growth.

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For more information about the IBDP at GIIS, please don’t hesitate to book a campus tour.

Melissa Maria

GIIS Singapore SMART Campus principal, Ms Melissa Maria’s journey as an educator started when she was only 16 and continued in the field after she completed her Master’s degree in History and Bachelor’s degree in Education. For over 25 years now, she has been at the forefront of introducing new ideas and methodologies to education. She is also the City Coordinator for Singapore, selected by the CBSE Board for Grade 10 and 12 exams, 2021, managing two other international schools besides GIIS. With numerous achievements sprinkled across her distinguished career, Ms. Maria has been recognised for her efforts as a Mindef volunteer by the Singapore government.

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