‘Enriching experience, endless learning opportunities’: GIIS teacher testimonials

Shubhdarshani Mitra
Jan 19, 2024
Teacher testimonial

“It has been a long and fruitful journey at GIIS. This is my 10th year with the school,” says Preethi Basant, Head of English Department, CBSE and CLSP (Cambridge) Curriculum Middle School, GIIS SMART Campus.

Joining GIIS was a decision fuelled by endless learning opportunities for Preethi, who teaches English in the secondary grades. 

“I started as a middle school teacher, and now I've moved to high school. It has been a truly enriching and immersive journey. In one word, it is incredible. GIIS has been the wind beneath my wings. The energy level, the positivity exuded by my students, the endless learning opportunities – I enjoy every moment,” says Preethi.


Tech-driven teaching and learning opportunities

Moreover, when it comes to teaching experience, she says, it is complemented by the latest technology that increases student engagement inside the classrooms. Thereby, amplifying the learning outcomes for her students.

GIIS’ tech-advanced facilities like digital classrooms, wi-fi enabled campus, skills labs such as Radio/TV studio enable our students to experience the advantages of technology, first hand.

Ms. Preethi Basant
Ms. Preethi Basant

At GIIS, we use technology, and it makes our classrooms more engaging. It can be something as simple as when I have to take feedback from my students, I can post a Google form and get their response. This helps, as even the shyest student in my class can tell me which part of the lesson they found difficult, and which part they want me to repeat in class, if necessary,” adds Preethi.

GIIS students working on a project 

Suguna Sundaram, Deputy Head of the IT Department at GIIS SMART Campus, highlights Smart Boards that provide a platform for interactive teaching, online tools available to both students and teachers along with advanced IT labs offer flexible, resourceful and hands-on learning opportunities for both students and teachers in this digital era.

Consistently growing as an educator

Ms. Suguna Sundaram

I started my career in 2010 at GIIS as a primary teacher. With the school's constant support, I was trained in different curricula like Cambridge CLSP and IGCSE, IB and CBSE. I am an Apple-certified teacher. 

“My recent CBSE training has given me a chance to review my past approaches, which has helped me to identify the mantra for a happy classroom. Moreover, these concepts are not limited to my professional life, but also to my personal life,” says Suguna, who teaches Computer Science to Grades 8-12 at GIIS SMART Campus.

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GIIS Singapore provides an all-through international educational experience through its multiple curricula choices. The Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme (CLSP) offers an international perspective, fostering critical thinking and holistic development. Concurrently, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum ensures a strong academic foundation. 

These robust curriculum choices at GIIS empower students with a well-rounded education, equipping them with skills and knowledge necessary for success in an increasingly interconnected world.

Committed to creativity, innovation and development

For Suguna, the school's vision and values, particularly focusing on creativity, innovation, and personality development, resonate deeply. 

She emphasises how these aspects of the holistic education framework sharpen her skills and contribute to her evolution as an educator.

"Creativity and innovation, and personality development are the two gems among nine in the holistic education framework, which I can deeply resonate with as these visions help to sharpen my skills and strengthen my teaching strategies to become a better teacher every day."

As an in-charge of Student Council formation held through elections, she encourages students to aim for leadership roles. Furthermore, she guides students to take part in app innovation competitions, not only in school organised events but also in student-led events like Hackathon.

GIIS: ‘Academic results are incredible’

“At GIIS I feel I'm a lifelong learner. The success story of the organisation, the academic results are truly incredible,” says Preethi.

Everything we do at GIIS is to create a welcoming and rich environment where students feel free to be themselves inside the classrooms with teachers and outside the classrooms. 

GIIS offer multiple curricula, from our Global Montessori Plus programme, which begins at age 2.5, through our IB Primary Years Programme, CBSE programme, our Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme, our Cambridge IGCSE, and our IB Diploma Programme that concludes secondary school –  fostering a diverse set of academic skills. 

Additionally, our 21st-century SMART Campus is designed to give students a high-quality learning environment that prepares them to succeed in today's global community. Our certified and highly-qualified teachers are committed to student excellence – also reflected through our academic results.

If you are keen to know more about GIIS, please feel free to contact the admissions team.

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