Tech-driven, skills-based & holistic: CBSE curriculum at GIIS

K P Sheeja
Oct 28, 2022

India's National Education Policy 2020, also referred to as NEP 2020 is yet to come into full effect. The groundbreaking policy will also have its impact on schools implementing the CBSE curriculum across the world, including in Singapore. CBSE is one among the multiple curricula options offered by GIIS in Singapore.

Among other key aspects of the policy, NEP 2020 is notable for the following:

● Leveraging technology in teaching and learning 

● Focusing on vocational education

● Holistic learning experiences

In this article, we'll discuss how these three focus areas add value to the overall learning experience and the ways in which GIIS Singapore is working towards fulfilling these goals.


Leveraging technology in the classroom

The use of technology in the classroom makes learning more accessible and effective for students. Technology also plays a vital role in the lives of students after they graduate, and its use on a daily basis helps students prepare for life outside the classroom.

At GIIS, our students have access to digital classrooms, online educational platforms and other tools that make learning fun and all-encompassing. The classrooms are equipped with smartboards, audio-visual systems, projectors, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and personal devices for easy access to limitless learning.

With access to technology, students at GIIS learn:

● how to use technology efficiently

● how to create and innovate

● how to use technology in a range of settings, inside and outside the classroom

Focus on vocational education

NEP 2020 focuses on bringing vocational education to the Indian workforce. This would help prepare students for their future careers and make them more valuable in the workplace. NEP 2020 projects that at least 50% of learners through school and the higher education system in India will have vocational training through their educational experiences by the year 2025. Skills labs will be set up in schools in India.

In this way, NEP 2020 blurs the lines between the vocational world and the academic world. As a result, students will leave school with careers in mind — and experiences to support those aspirations.

Catering to this aspect, GIIS Singapore’s technologically advanced campus helps students develop unique skills that will help them in their careers and beyond. With over 40 next-gen purpose-built studios, students are provided with the opportunity to explore a varied range of interests. 

The skills-based labs include a Radio and TV Studio, Environment Lab, Design & Technology Lab, Keyboard Studio and more. From getting access to professional-grade equipment under the guidance of trained instructors to having the opportunity to create new inventions - GIIS skills studios cover a range of interesting options for students to try their hands at.

Holistic learning experiences

NEP 2020 is designed to create a holistic learning experience for students. At GIIS, our teachers use the holistic educational framework, 9GEMS model, to help students develop an all-rounded personality. 9 GEMS focuses on personality development, academic development, artistic and creative development, entrepreneurship, leadership, ethics, caring and more.

We believe this holistic approach is the secret to helping our students find success and happiness in the classroom and after they graduate. The aim is to nurture well-rounded students who are adept in 21st century skills in a world that’s ever changing and uncertain.

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The aim is to help students develop 21st-century skills and higher order thinking to provide an impetus for university and beyond. CBSE at GIIS is offered for students from Grade 1 through 12. As a pioneer international school in Singapore to offer CBSE curriculum, our experienced and qualified faculty prepare our students for success.

To find out more about CBSE at GIIS, please feel free to contact our friendly admissions counsellors. 

K P Sheeja

Is the Academic Supervisor for CBSE at the GIIS SMART Campus. One of the pioneer generation of teachers with GIIS, she comes from a family of educators and has been teaching English to students for the past 25 years. She believes her job as a teacher also includes mentoring and being a friend to her students.

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