3 key reasons why GIIS nurtures confident preschool students

Rema Rajiv
Sep 23, 2022
Holistic education

Your child learns so much more than the ABCs during their preschool years, and being in a quality preschool programme sets the stage for better performance later in life. They learn to be confident, curious and compassionate. Students learn how to interact appropriately with each other and how to function successfully as part of a team. 

Perhaps most importantly, the right preschool teaches young students how it feels to belong to something bigger and grander than themselves. Preschool is all about the benefits of community and the give-and-take required to become a successful, contributing member. 

GlIS’ preschool programme offers Nursery, K1 and K2 experience for students aged 2.5 to 5 years. Several key elements of our programme sets them apart from other preschool providers in Singapore.


The importance of Early Childhood education

Between the ages of 2 and 7, your child's brain is working overtime. Synapses are firing more rapidly as children make connections and figure out how the world works. And every experience a child has teaches them something about the way the world functions. 

When you hug your preschooler, for example, they're not only learning how it feels to be valued but also learning about expression. Similarly, when you smile at them, they're learning that they have the ability to make other people happy. Therefore, when they see someone doing something that makes them happy, they know that a smile is an appropriate reaction.

Holistic experiences are important for children in the preschool age group. Play-based learning, including playing with costumes and puppets or building blocks and simple board games, get those synapses firing. As a student in a quality preschool programme, a child has ample opportunity to share these experiences with other children in the same age group.

1. The Preschool experience at GIIS

We are dedicated to hiring well-trained, kind, dedicated teachers specialising in early education. Our preschool educators follow the Global Montessori Plus (GMP) programme, which is a Montessori-plus curriculum. Our award-winning Early Childhood curriculum is defined through five pillars:

1. Excelerate: Focuses on accelerated skills in speaking, reading, listening, writing and numeracy

2. Multiple Intelligences: Designed for multifaceted learning through music, movement, vision, speech and more

3. iCare: Encourages student agency within their communities

4. iPlay: Focuses on play-based learning

5. Future-Ready: Age-appropriate emphasis on STEAM activities, which include science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics

In essence, the GMP programme is designed to support the holistic development of the student and not just their academic performance. By addressing a young learner's mental and emotional needs for acceptance and inclusion, as well as their physical needs to move about throughout the school day, GMP creates students who are well-rounded, confident and ready to succeed at higher grade levels.

2. Engaging activities

In our early years programmes at GIIS, students learn through engaging and active play, and they learn the basics of taking ownership of their performance. The well-rounded curriculum focuses on language and maths, practical life skills, sensory play and cultural studies. 

There are engaging activity stations such as sand pits, toy areas and more to enable them to explore and grow. At GIIS, our youngest students are often our most enthusiastic because they enjoy the opportunities to play and interact with their peers. They don't realise they're doing lessons and learning concepts; they think that they're just having a great time.

Our young learners enjoy the process of learning through engaging and fun activities

3. Holistic, student-centred focus

Early education at GIIS involves the whole student: their interests, peer relationships and their ability to think independently. Students learn how to make good decisions and how to collaborate with others. When problems arise, they learn conflict resolution. 

The staff and administration at GIIS understand the importance of family. We know it's their first experience away from home, and we understand how difficult that can be for both the student and their parent. 

That's why parents are learning partners in our early years programmes. Healthy, two-way communication keeps families updated and facilitates student learning. 

All this happens in an environment where exploration and curiosity are not only encouraged but rewarded. Together, our approaches help students become confident, eager learners who are prepared to succeed at school and in life.

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GMP Extended 

GIIS students also have the opportunity to enrol for the GMP Extended programme, which runs from 9am to 3.30pm, enabling parents to meet their family’s schedule. This option includes a rotation of structured instruction in music, dance, drama, speech, storytelling, and more.

GIIS offers early learning options at both its SMART Campus, Punggol and the East Coast campus. If you're searching for a quality preschool in Singapore, we invite you to explore the early childhood education programmes at GIIS. Please feel free to book a campus tour for more information.

Rema Rajiv

Ms Rajiv has been an Early Childhood educator and practitioner for the past 15 years at GIIS. She heads the Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Programme, supporting kindergarten students in their learning and holistic development to maximise the potential of every student. She has been instrumental in implementing developmentally age-appropriate curriculum that provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning. She is well-respected due to her rich experience in the field and passion for working with preschoolers, helping establish a good rapport with the parent community.​

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