Why Should You Choose An IB School In Singapore?

Jun 21, 2021
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Parents and guardians strive to provide high-quality education for their children. Along with state of the art facilities, qualified professionals, one of the most important factors that go into considering a school is a curriculum.

With a number of options of curricula available it can get strenuous to choose the right one for your child's overall development. But worry not! An IB (International Baccalaureate) Programme is the answer to all your child's educational needs. Even the topmost International and Indian schools in Singapore agree with this and their high achieving alumni can attest to it. Let's read in detail why admitting your child to a school carrying the IB Programme is worth it. 

What Exactly is an IB Programme?

If you've never heard of the IB Programme, It is a programme designed in the 1960s in Switzerland. Designed to cultivate students into self-reliant, highly achieving, globally recognized pupils that create a positive impact in society.

Their programme is available to students through an IB World School ( Schools that carry the IB Programme) from ages 3 to 16. The Programme believes in coaching students right from a young age and consistently guiding them through high school to choosing the right career for themselves. This consistency is only achieved due to the four frameworks the Programme has been divided into, which are:

Primary Years Programme (PYP)

As the name suggests, IB PYP Kindergarten Curriculum is for students in their primary years i.e. 3 to 12 years. This level aims to transition children to their academic life with a sense of "free learning" while also nurturing them.

Middle Years Programme (MYP)

After their transition, students from age 11 to 16 are taught subjects that will be applicable in their future lives and can benefit by preparing them not only in academics but also in finetuning their talents and skills.

Diploma Programme (DP)

The Diploma Programme aids students of age 16 to 19 who have the will power to expand their physical, intellectual, emotional and ethical boundaries and flourish with the help of independent research as well as community service.

Career-Related Programme (CP)

Finally, this level is for students aged 16 to 19 who are interested in career-related education. This framework helps to learn subjects that are not only career-related but gain lifelong skills applicable throughout their lives. This level can only be pursued after completion of the Diploma Programme.

What does the Programme offer to Schools that carry it?

Depending on the approach of the curriculum the school wants to cater toward its students, they may choose a framework or a set of frameworks from the programme suitable to their needs. Eg, Indian School in Singapore carries two sets of frameworks ie. the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP). Both Programmes fit in with the school's needs due to their holistic approach towards education as well as making sure that their students have the right foundation for the start of their school life or while starting their higher education/career.

Many schools prefer this combination for the same reasons and it is depicted through their students' testimonies of opportunities and achievements.

Five Reasons to choose an IB School in Singapore

Create Independent Learners & Leaders

Students who are enrolled in an IB School are taught inquiry-based learning which encourages them to think critically and solve their problems independently. Learning this at an early age can help grow and shape a student into a self-reliant individual who makes their decisions only after thorough research. This helps them make informed decisions and also lead their team to success in an organized fashion.

In the curriculum, this attribute is taught through many research-based projects and essays that the students have to accomplish individually. Throughout the 4 frameworks mentioned above, such individual research projects are incorporated not only with academics but also within extracurricular activities.

Provides a Strong Academic Foundation

Students who graduate through this programme are more than prepared for work or a university. A typical IB School provides their students with 6 subjects instead of 4 or 5 that other schools offer. The option of choosing 6 subjects helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses with each subject and in the end, helps them pick a suitable career for themselves.

Among the 6 subjects, students are taught attributes like time management, critical reasoning and creative problem-solving skills. These attributes are recognized and crucial in a university setting. It helps them remain focused and work until they have accomplished their desired goal.

Analytical Thinking

The IB Programme motivates students to think analytically not only with their studies or projects but also in their personal lives. The Programme believes that analytical thinking increases curiosity to learn within students.

As they are encouraged not only to think analytically but also to analyse, assess, connect, synthesise, reflect and ask questions about any topic they are interested in. These skills then start becoming familiar as time goes on and act as a force of habit within their workplace or university.

Analytical thinking is an essential skill to learn for a young child's curious nature, it aids them to create and follow a structure while learning or working.

Encourages a global mindset

Along with high-quality education, Diversity is of grave importance within the programme. It fosters a unique ability to learn through life/ travel experiences and exposure to various languages and cultures.

With over more than 1000 IB World Schools, the programme understands the importance of diversity and community. And because of this understanding students who have graduated through this programme understand its importance and gain an appreciation for the exposure which in turn helps them stand out in this globalized world.

Provides meaningful experiences beyond school walls

As mentioned earlier,  schools that offer IB Programmes not only focus on their student's academic growth but also foster a sense of responsibility towards the community. Their many extracurricular activities help to develop empathy and understand the impact of caring.

Whether it be through a cleaning drive, sapling plantation or field trips to various NGOs, an IB School makes sure to include such activities in the programme that teaches their students the importance of "giving back". 

Final Thoughts

Upon graduating from an IB School, students learn and adapt to new circumstances quite easily. Whether it be in the form of a project in a university or managing an office full of employees, an IB student is equipped with all the skills needed to survive the outside world.

Not only this, but students graduating from an IB School are allowed to place themselves within top-notch institutions like Cambridge, UCLA, and so on... 

An IB degree helps your child to stand out and fulfil their potential by becoming smarter, empathetic and successful individuals.

So now the question is, what are you waiting for? Enrol your child now! In a top IB School in Singapore for the education your child deserves.


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