Why GIIS Leads in Learner-centred CBSE Curriculum

K P Sheeja
Jul 31, 2021

Global Indian International School (GIIS) offers the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum to help students lay a strong foundation for future success. This learner-centred curriculum ensures that students acquire various skills and 21st-century competencies needed to succeed in university and beyond.

Pioneer in the CBSE curriculum

GIIS is proud to be a pioneer in offering the CBSE to students in Singapore and the entire ASEAN region. Recognised and managed by the Indian government, the CBSE is offered from Grades 1 to 12 at GIIS.  It sets a strong academic base for students, along with the all-round development of students.

Adapting the CBSE curriculum to develop key 21st Century skills, GIIS Singapore school has excelled in nurturing the following core skills -


● Critical thinking. These skills help students think around problems, enabling them in later academic pursuits and at work places.

● Creative thinking. Learning to think innovatively and find outside-the-box solutions to challenges students encounter.

● Communication.  Help students become effective in interpersonal relations, community and organisational roles, entrepreneurship and leadership

● Collaboration. Learning to work with people and groups from culturally and nationally different backgrounds 


GIIS’ CBSE pathway prepares students using the FLIPS model: flexibility, leadership, initiative, productivity and social skills. The unmeasurable benefits of FLIPS ensure our students are prepared for the foreseeable challenges and situations.

Here are some of the programmes and important aspects of our holistic approach that contribute to student’s all-round development at GIIS:



GIIS values STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and relies heavily on experiential learning. This is instrumental in enhancing creative thinking, which benefits students in multiple ways. STEM is recognised and respected worldwide, and is an asset for students.

Physical Education and Extracurricular Activities

Physical Education is a core part of the CBSE curriculum. As much for the academics, equal emphasis is given to extracurricular activities at GIIS campuses (East Coast and SMART campus). Physical education and extracurricular activities help students grow as individuals and develop a healthy appreciation for non-academic endeavours.

9GEMS Pedagogy

GIIS’s award-winning 9GEMS framework balances academic excellence with overall competency skills. 9GEMS has nine different focus areas to help students develop into well-rounded individuals. It makes learning holistic. 

● Academic excellence

● Sports excellence

● Visual and performing arts

● Personality development

● Innovation and creativity

● Entrepreneurship and leadership

● Universal values and ethics

● Community and care

● Skills development


Through 9GEMS, GIIS uses collaborative, project-based learning. Through readings, shared experiences and discussions, students learn in each of the nine focus areas. They learn together, and from one another, thereby developing their collaborative abilities.


Excellent Faculty

In addition to a well-rounded curriculum, GIIS is proud to have an excellent faculty to guide our students.

● Award-winning faculty. Our experienced and qualified teachers have won awards and recognition in their focus disciplines.

● Hands-on, experiential learning. Learning at GIIS is rigorous, practical, experimental, balanced and fun. Teachers leverage technology to facilitate hands-on education.

● Constant upgradation. Attending regular workshops and acquiring the necessary certification, our teachers are acquainted with the latest in their respective fields.

Our qualified  and experienced academic team gives ample attention to individual students to navigate school life, and open the doors to the best in higher education.


Perfect Springboard for University Education

Students doing the CBSE at GIIS are guided to make informed decisions for higher studies.  Over 100 universities have held various student-centric events at the GIIS campus, providing students and parents with a platform to connect and identify suitable programmes.

Due to their excellent results and well-rounded credentials, our graduates have been getting placements at the world’s top universities.


Standardised Curriculum

The standardised government approved CBSE curriculum at GIIS means easy transition to other CBSE schools in India or anywhere in the world. For students coming to GIIS from other streams or joining mid-session, a bridge programme is offered to cope with the transition.

At GIIS, we understand that the world of education is constantly evolving. GIIS aspires to produce students with a holistic approach, not just scholastic excellence, but also talents and life skills to meet their aspirations. With confidence we can say that students passing through the portals of GIIS are well prepared for the world of tomorrow.

To find out more about how your student can benefit from an education at GIIS, Contact us today to schedule a campus tour.

K P Sheeja

Is the Academic Supervisor for CBSE at the GIIS SMART Campus. One of the pioneer generation of teachers with GIIS, she comes from a family of educators and has been teaching English to students for the past 25 years. She believes her job as a teacher also includes mentoring and being a friend to her students.

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