What’s so great about Singapore education?

Apr 14, 2021

Singapore is a place like no other, when it comes to its standard of living, cleanliness and a booming economy. Add to that the fact that it comprises many nationalities living together in harmony and you have a city-state that anybody would aspire to live in. There are expats from many parts of the world who work and live in Singapore and love the experience. 

Singapore is a very prosperous country that offers a world class lifestyle. Apart from that, the preponderance of a large number of excellent schools in Singapore offering the best curricula in the world is also something that adds to the allure of the place for expats with families. These include a large number of international preschools in Singapore. Let’s look at the different kinds of schools one finds in Singapore.

1. IB Schools

Schools that offer the international baccalaureate program are highly in demand amongst expats in Singapore, because it empowers their children to apply for the best international universities around the world. Considering the fact that most expats lead international jet-setting lives, they want their children to become global citizens in the truest sense. This is where the IB program is critically important.

Among the best known IB schools in Singapore are the Global Indian International School, GEMS World Academy, the North London Collegiate School, Eaton House International School, Chatsworth International School and so on.

2. International Schools

Singapore is amongst the most international of places in the world with its entire edifice of prosperity resting on its ability to facilitate global trade and commerce.  It is not surprising that a country like this should boast a  large number of stellar international schools. Most  of these schools have been established  by members of diverse expat communities who want children from their regions to have access to an education that is similar to what they obtain back home.  For instance, schools run by the Indian community would likely offer the CBSE curriculum to the students. 

Likewise a school run by the American community would offer a curriculum that is the same as the one offered back home in the United States. Among the well known international schools in Singapore are United World College South East Asia, the Dover Court International School, the Australian International School, the Singapore American School, GESS, the Tanglin Trust School, the ISS International School, the Overseas Family School, the Japanese School Singapore, the Nexus International Schools and so on.

3. Preschool and Nursery School

When children begin their education in a foreign land, it is important that they find the right kind of environment to take to learning and acquiring knowledge. Fortunately, Singapore is quite blessed in this with a number of world class pre and nursery schools. Among the highly regarded ones are Shaws PreSchool, Stamford American Pre School, Arts Junior Montessori, Brighton Montessori, Blue House International, Mind Champs Pre School, White Lodge International Preschool and Childcare, Early Years Montessori, Rain Trees International Kindergarten. My First Skool, Kindle Garden and so on.


Singapore is admired world over for the kind of life it provides its citizens and residents. Unlike many other first world countries, Singapore is not blighted by crime or other kinds of similar issues faced in even the richest of countries. Order and discipline are an integral part of the Singapore way of life and that reflects in its institutions.

Getting an education in such an environment can only augur well for children, who grow up to be disciplined and hardworking adults. At the same time they are trained to be world citizens who are international in their outlook and approach to life. Any child who gets the opportunity to live and receive an education in Singapore is really in a privileged position.

If you are a parent seeking to put your child into a good Singapore school, you could check out some of the institutions mentioned in this article and see if you can zero on one, that is just right for your child. These are very highly regarded ones, and you might want to talk to the parents of the children who are studying in some of these schools and obtain their views on the matter. Cheerio and the very best of luck to your children. May they find a great Singapore school that is just right for them. 


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