How GIIS’ tech-empowered learning prepares students for tomorrow

Melissa Maria
Feb 28, 2023
Future-ready students

The educational experience in the 21st century is being transformed by technology and new innovations. Probably a decade ago, if someone were to talk about interactive smart boards inside classrooms or students being able to connect with people across the world by sitting inside classrooms – not many would have taken them as possibilities. Today, however, this is a reality!

This is just one example of how technology has changed the face of education, expanding both the learning and teaching opportunities. To create a school of the future, administrators and instructors must also prepare for the unexpected.

To create future-ready students, schools must create a tech-driven learning environment that allows students to develop skills they will need to thrive in real-world settings. At the same time, schools must still provide students with a well-rounded education by offering a balanced curriculum with a variety of subjects.

What does it mean to be Future-Ready?

In reality, we don't know what the future would look like. For instance, if someone had told you 10 years ago to prepare for a world in which virtual learning and remote education would be necessary for months on end, you probably wouldn’t have thought it possible. 

We may not have answers for all the questions that the future holds but by preparing our students with competencies that’ll empower them to ask the right questions, we can make them future-ready. This is where a future-ready school can shape leaders of tomorrow – providing students with the right learning environment, curriculum and tools to excel.

A future-ready school is one in which:

● Students are empowered to utilise technology and are encouraged to use it creatively and effectively in the classroom setting.

● Skill development and knowledge acquisition is a priority over rote learning.

● Independent thinking is encouraged, and students and faculty members keep an open mind.

● Students are given opportunities to hone their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

● Communication is a priority, and students collaborate on a regular basis in order to come up with theories, test their hypotheses and evaluate the results.

How GIIS is preparing Future-Ready Leaders

As a School of the Future, GIIS prepares future-ready leaders by immersing students in a smart learning environment where they are able to practice problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they adapt to new challenges.

Specifically, GIIS is preparing future-ready learners by:

● Effectively using technology. Our students have the opportunity to use technology productively so they can develop 21st-century competencies and understand how technology can improve the process of learning.

Our digital classrooms with smart whiteboards, high-speed internet for quick access to learning tools and advanced audio-visual systems – all help in enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes. 

● Creating 21st-century learning opportunities. With infrastructure that nurtures 21st-century skill development such as over 40 different skills-based labs at the SMART Campus, our students have hands-on learning experiences in a variety of fields. Radio and TV Studio, Design and Technology lab, Keyboard Studio, Environment lab and more – help students to develop real-world skills.

● Offering multiple curricula options. Our students also have the opportunity to select a programme that best meets their learning style. 

GIIS offers the Montessori-inspired Global Montessori Plus (GMP) curriculum for preschool students, the international IB PYP and Diploma Programme (primary and secondary programmes), the Cambridge secondary programmes (CLSP and IGCSE), as well as the Indian Central Board curriculum CBSE for primary and secondary students.  

● Hiring best-in-class educators. Our educators are best-in-class professionals who are not only qualified in their subject area but have training and experience in teaching in an international school with diverse student backgrounds. They are passionate about our mission to be an innovative future-ready school.

● Emphasising on a holistic educational framework. The 9GEMS pedagogy at GIIS emphasises skill development outside the classroom. By encouraging students to participate in sports, extracurricular activities, the performing arts and more, GIIS educators allow students to explore their interests and understand that their identity extends beyond their grades. 

Community care, global responsibility, creativity and entrepreneurship are some of the other focal points within the 9GEMS framework.

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● Providing students plenty of opportunities. Our students get the opportunity to be involved in their school community through extracurricular and co-curricular activities. 

We offer data-driven sports learning opportunities, student-led performances and events like Model United Nations, Tedx talks, Leadership Lecture Series, Real World Challenges Convention and more. Every student, regardless of their personal strengths or interests, has the opportunity to find an activity to participate in and grow during their time at GIIS.

After having spent time immersed in a 21st-century learning environment, GIIS students are well equipped to take on the challenges of the future. Our students demonstrate excellence inside and outside the classroom, and many go on to earn top placements at the most prestigious universities in the world. They pursue careers in science, medicine, economics and more — all while maintaining a sense of social responsibility along the way.

For first-hand information on how GIIS prepares students across grades, as a School of the Future, please feel free to visit us in person. Do book a campus tour here.

Melissa Maria

GIIS Singapore SMART Campus principal, Ms Melissa Maria’s journey as an educator started when she was only 16 and continued in the field after she completed her Master’s degree in History and Bachelor’s degree in Education. For over 25 years now, she has been at the forefront of introducing new ideas and methodologies to education. She is also the City Coordinator for Singapore, selected by the CBSE Board for Grade 10 and 12 exams, 2021, managing two other international schools besides GIIS. With numerous achievements sprinkled across her distinguished career, Ms. Maria has been recognised for her efforts as a Mindef volunteer by the Singapore government.

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