How to choose the right preschool for your child? Factors to consider

Rema Rajiv
May 12, 2023
Pre Primary School

We understand that choosing the best preschool in Singapore that’s also the right fit for your child is no easy task. Between private kindergartens, those under the Ministry of Education and international preschools in Singapore - the range of choices is extensive.

Just the thought of exploring all the options can put one in a spin!

As a parent, our desire is to see our child blossom in a learning environment that is positive, safe and supportive. The learning opportunities and social skills will be taken care of once you know where to start from. Do read on to find out some of the factors to consider to make an informed decision for your child.

When selecting a preschool for your child, you may want to consider the following key factors:


A curriculum with a strong learning outcome

When choosing a preschool, you should consider the curriculum offered (e.g. Montessori, Reggio Emilia, etc) that will help your child to progress by achieving the desired learning outcomes. 

While some preschools focus on learning through play, others blend different learning styles and educational philosophies into their curriculum - the idea is to opt for the one that suits your child’s learning style.

Depending on the educational approach you ultimately choose, the focus will be on one or more of these areas: child-centered and holistic philosophies, independence, hands-on learning, individualised instruction, collaboration, creativity, and project-based learning.

Trained and dedicated Early Year teachers

Early childhood education lays the foundation for your child’s future development. Dedicated and supportive teachers can easily earn the trust and confidence of your child who’s just starting to explore the world of learning. 

Trained teachers who are adept in catering to early childhood requirements, not just academically but also their social and emotional needs, will help your child master the key skills required for future learning. 

They’ll have the knowledge and skills in child development, and can provide a warm, safe and nurturing environment to help your child blossom into confident, competent future learners.

A positive teacher-student relationship helps the learning process

Learning environment for easy transition to primary school

Apart from curriculum and teachers, one must look at the learning environment that can easily become the differentiating factor. It is a good idea to explore a kindergarten that is a part of a bigger school campus. 

Apart from facilities, your child will get exposure to the surroundings that are beyond the kindergarten environment. It will help them get comfortable with a bigger school environment and ease their transition to primary school.

Location and cost

The location of the preschool is a crucial factor to consider as it may not be the best option to send your child on the other side of the island. Also, do check out the programme fee as preschool costs vary widely across Singapore. 

Do look out for early-bird offers, sibling discounts or connect with the admissions team of the preschool to avail the best option. You can also book a campus tour and ask any questions you may have before you make the decision.

At GIIS, we have an award-winning preschool curriculum, called the Global Montessori Plus (GMP) programme that combines the Montessori method with new age curricula. Our focus lies on Multiple Intelligences and futuristic pedagogy. 

The curriculum structure is based on five strong pillars which aim for all-round development of young children. Beyond the literacy and numeracy skills, your child will be nurtured through multifaceted learning and holistic development. This includes physical and social awareness and sensitivity towards the environment and community. 

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The caring, supportive and experienced Early Years teachers of GIIS are committed to help your child become holistic, creative and caring learners, ready for formal education. 

GIIS also offers extended preschool hours with multiple enrichment activities.

Ultimately, whichever preschool you choose, do remember that these factors will have a lasting impact on the formative years of your child. To learn more about the preschool programme at GIIS, please don’t hesitate to book a campus tour.

Rema Rajiv

Ms Rajiv has been an Early Childhood educator and practitioner for the past 15 years at GIIS. She heads the Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Programme, supporting kindergarten students in their learning and holistic development to maximise the potential of every student. She has been instrumental in implementing developmentally age-appropriate curriculum that provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning. She is well-respected due to her rich experience in the field and passion for working with preschoolers, helping establish a good rapport with the parent community.​

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