An Overview of the GIIS Future Ready Merit Scholarship

Deepa Chandrashekharan
May 20, 2021

Global Indian International School is an international school that was established in 2002. We put up the first branch, intending to provide quality education to the expatriates residing in Singapore. However, due to our first institution's success, 22 extra GIIS campuses have been established across Singapore and six other countries, including India, Japan, Malaysia, UAE, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

In addition to imparting quality education, GIIS intends to transform students into distinguished global citizens. We provide a comfortable learning environment and enforce the importance of a positive attitude before imparting knowledge through our highly skilled and caring teachers. While the institution expands to provide quality education across the globe, we are aware of the significance of making GIIS education accessible to students from all walks of life. 

 In 2008, we introduced different scholarship programs to support deserving students who do not have the financial means to join GIIS. This blog will cover one of our flagship scholarships, ‘Global future-ready merit scholarship’, in detail. But before we do, we will deep dive into all the scholarships we have, then discuss this scholarship program. 

Let’s begin.

Scholarship Programs in GIIS 

GIIS offers scholarships to students every three months under the guidance of Global Schools Foundation, which is the collective organisation for all the GIIS schools. The foundation repeats the process four times a year. 

You do not have to stand out academically to receive a scholarship. You can receive a scholarship based on your academic performance, talent, merit cum means, scientific accomplishments, and much more. Since the inception of our first scholarship, more scholarship programs continue to support our students in Singapore. 

Here is a quick list of our top scholarship programs: 

● GIIS Future Ready Merit Scholarship – The GIIS Future Ready Merit Scholarship is exclusive to a limited number of outstanding meritorious students. It will give the students who qualify a chance to pursue their senior secondary education at the GSF flagship school, Smart Campus in Punggol, Singapore. In this article, we will delve deeper to gain an understanding of this prestigious award.

● 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship – The internationally recognised talent-based scholarship aims to help students adapt to society's changing times by grooming them into well-rounded adults. The guidelines ensure that there is a balance between academic work and extracurricular activities. Every aspect of the school supports holistic development through its 9GEMS teaching framework.

● Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship – The dr abdul kalam scholarship is a talent-based scholarship that allows digitally-savvy students to nurture their skills from a young age. They receive encouragement from the teachers and have access to resources that encourage them to pursue their love for digital gadgets and software. 

● Mahatma Gandhi Merit Cum Means Scholarship – The scholarship provides financial assistance to meritorious Singapore residents. Global Schools Foundation intends to provide affordable education to parents in all financial brackets through this Merit-Cum-Means scholarship program.

The GIIS Future Ready Merit Scholarship: An Overview 

This GIIS Global Future-Ready Scholarship is a two-year scholarship program. The Global Foundation awards it to meritorious students between grade 7-12 and year 1-2 IBDP students. 

Nearly 80% of this award's beneficiaries get accepted into top universities, and 50% win more scholarships to pursue higher learning. New students and on-going GIIS students are eligible for this award. All the beneficiaries join the GIIS Smart Campus in Punggol, one of the most advanced international schools in Singapore.

The GIIS Smart Campus is a technologically advanced learning institution and one of the country's top international schools. High-tech architects from Japan, Australia, and the USA came up with the design to meet the technological advancements of the 21st century. The smart campus intends to take learning to every student's next level by enhancing their experience through fun and interactive learning methods. 

The GIIS Future Ready scholarship beneficiaries will enjoy innovative learning and have an array of modern technology resources that will groom them into distinguished global citizens and allow them to pursue their dreams. The campus encourages holistic development by balancing academia and skill development. The school prides itself in:

● New NBA standard sports technology. They provide data analytics for indoor and outdoor games.

● Facial recognition software to verify student and staff ID.

● Virtual classroom connectivity gives access to educators from various parts of the world.

● A global centre to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

● A sustainable green environment to allow a conducive learning experience. 

The NextGen Smart campus is a true definition of incorporating technology into modern learning. Once the beneficiaries meet all the Future-Ready scholarship credentials, they gain access to a whole new world of innovative learning and education. 

In short, we can say that the Future- Ready Merit Scholarship allows students to gain global exposure and advanced education in its SMART campus, where their talent and skills are moulded for excellence. 

Future-Ready Scholarship Qualifications

Applicants have to meet an array of qualifications to qualify for this exclusive award.

● GSF awards this scholarship to deserving students in these international curricula:

A. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP)

B. Cambridge – IGCSE

C. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

● The applicant should have an academic performance of 91% and above or an A and above in all subjects.

● They should provide previous academic board performance for the past two years.

● A copy of the parents’ income information.

● The applicant should pass the scholarship test.

● The final step is a one-on-one interview with the scholarship board before the scholarship applications undergo sanctioning. 

Securing a Global Future-Ready Merit scholarship from GIIS is beneficial for every student. To know more about its benefits, read on.

Benefits of the GIIS Future Ready Merit Scholarship

● Access to world-class quality education.

● The implementation of new learning methods allows the students to explore their creativity in every field.

● The beneficiaries gain access to a world of opportunities in education and technology.

● Access to advanced undergraduate programs and top universities in the world.

● The school enhances holistic development, which moulds the students into prominent global citizens.

● The students gain innovative and entrepreneurial skills from a young age.

● The conducive green environment creates a suitable ambience to encourage positive learning.

● The students can select their international curricula of choice. 

● The highly skilled teachers encourage the students to produce outstanding results.

● The institution’s global reach instils international knowledge and mind-set to all students. They can fit in anywhere in the world.

● Students have a chance to nurture their talents and skills. The education system is student-centred.

The GIIS Future Ready Merit Scholarship offers a balanced and mindful approach to education. Through this scholarship, GIIS expands its reach and produces outstanding performers.

Deepa Chandrashekharan

Ms Chandrashekharan is the IBDP Coordinator at GIIS SMART Campus for the past 13 years in her 22-year career as a teacher. She has a Master’s in Economics and has been teaching the subject with enthusiasm and flair. She believes that new generation needs to be taught using new-age methodologies, and has used the SMART Campus facilities to connect with students on a deeper level

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