‘The school facilitates smooth transition for new students’: GIIS IB PYP parent testimonial

Shubhdarshani Mitra
Mar 15, 2024
Parent Testimonial

As a parent, selecting the right school for your child is a decision weighed with immense importance. The curricula choices offered by the school, its facilities, teacher support, extracurricular and cocurricular activities, and the overall learning environment – all these factors play a vital role in decision making.

Moreover, a smooth transition for your child, especially if they are moving from another school system, is crucial for your child to settle well into the new school environment. A friendly and welcoming environment, supportive teachers and peer group can make a difference. 

In this blog, we speak to a Global Indian International School (GIIS) parent, Ms. Candy Zang, whose son Max is an IB PYP Grade 4 student at GIIS. For Ms. Zang, choosing GIIS for her son has been a journey rooted in careful consideration and a pursuit towards excellence.

‘Friendly and supportive atmosphere’

Max’s journey with the school commenced in Grade 1, and over the years, he has not only grown academically but has also found avenues to pursue his passions, particularly in piano and art.

“Max joined GIIS in Grade 1. He enjoys playing the piano and doing art. The school fosters a friendly and supportive atmosphere among classmates, facilitating a smooth transition for new students. His classmates are very friendly. In Grade 1, his classmates actively helped him. He has made many friends at school and is happy in school everyday,” says Ms. Zang.


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‘GIIS has excellent IB scores’

When embarking on a lookout for an ideal school that suits a child’s learning style, several factors play pivotal roles in the decision-making process for parents. For Ms. Zang, it was the school’s academic accomplishments. 

“As a Chinese parent, academic performance is definitely something to consider because regardless of the educational system. There needs to be a measure of achievement to demonstrate the effectiveness of learning. GIIS has consistently shown excellent IB scores, which is a major reason for my choice,” adds Ms. Zang.

Moreover, during the visits while selecting schools, the quality of infrastructure and the enthusiasm displayed by the teaching staff reinforced their confidence in GIIS. The diverse curriculum offerings, like the international IB PYP have enriched Max's learning journey, his mother feels.

“The curriculum is diverse, and the teachers uphold teaching philosophies that embrace student diversity and encourage independent thinking,” says Ms. Zang.

Exploring varied interest areas

According to his mother, Max's joy in attending GIIS is evident through his enthusiasm for the school's varied curriculum and extracurricular activities. From robotics to music classes, he finds fulfilment in exploring his interests and talents. Equally significant is the sense of belonging fostered within the school community. Max has forged meaningful friendships with peers from diverse backgrounds, enhancing his social and cultural experiences.

“He enjoys the school's diverse curriculum. He also enjoys his robotics and music classes as part of the school’s co-curricular activities. He has good friends at school, and we also arrange playdates with his classmates from different nationalities during holidays. Overall, he feels the school is very good,” adds Ms. Zang.

At GIIS Singapore, the IB PYP curriculum is offered to students aged 6 to 11 years.  Focused on fostering curiosity driven learning and promoting a sense of community, the IB PYP at GIIS encourages critical thinking, innovation and appreciation of diverse cultures to equip students for the ever evolving global landscape.

If you are keen to know more about the IB Primary Years Programme at GIIS, please feel free to book a campus tour or connect with our admissions team.

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