Mapping Cambridge Learner Attributes to GIIS’ holistic educational framework

Deepika Sodhi
Nov 11, 2022
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The Cambridge International curriculum is widely regarded as one of the leading programmes in the world, which is why it is used by many of the top international schools around the globe.

The Cambridge Learner Attributes are a series of attitudes and life skills that the curriculum developers believe will benefit students throughout their lifelong learning journey and that they feel are required to be successful in university and beyond.


Cambridge Assessment International Education Key Points 

These are some key points that parents should know about Cambridge Assessment International Education:

● It features a flexible yet challenging curriculum that is culturally sensitive and encourages the development of an international mindset.

● Each syllabus within the programme is designed to build upon previous topics that have been mastered.

● Cambridge Assessment International Education has created a skills-based curriculum that prepares students for the type of studying and learning they will be doing at the university level.

● The curriculum programme features the latest thinking on each given topic and subject. Every course is well-developed and incorporates the most recent international research on the topic.

● A Cambridge education is one that is designed to spark curiosity in young learners and prepare students for a lifelong love of learning.

At GlIS, we provide students with a premium education that develops academic skills as well as life skills. Our holistic educational framework, known as the 9GEMS, aligns perfectly with the Cambridge Learner attributes.

Let's take a look at the five Cambridge Learner attributes and how we map them to GIIS' holistic educational framework.

The 5 Cambridge Learner Attributes

The five Cambridge Learner Attributes are:

● Confident — Cambridge students become confident learners who are comfortable working with new information and ideas, including their own ideas as well as the thoughts of others.

● Responsible — Cambridge learners become responsible for their own educational journey and learn to be responsive to the needs of others.

● Reflective — Students are given an opportunity to reflect on their learning journey, which helps them better understand themselves as learners.

● Innovative — Cambridge learners are required to think outside the box, use their critical thinking skills and collaborate with their peers to come up with innovative solutions and ideas. This helps them become uniquely prepared for future challenges.

● Engaged — Students are engaged both intellectually and socially in the learning process, which leads to a natural desire to ask questions and make inquiries. They are highly motivated to develop new skills, and they enjoy the process of working with others to come up with new solutions.

Cambridge Learner Attributes Mapping with GIIS’ 9GEMS 

Here is a representation of how at GIIS we map our 9GEMS holistic educational framework to the Cambridge Learner attributes:

● Confidence aligns with our Personality Development focus.

● Responsible aligns with our Innovation and Creativity as well as our Community and Care focus areas.

● Reflective aligns with our Universal Values and Ethics focus area.

● Innovative aligns with our Entrepreneurship and Leadership as well as Innovative and Creativity focus areas.

● Engaged aligns with our Academics and Skill Developments focus areas.

The GIIS 9GEMS holistic educational framework

At GIIS, we believe that a well-rounded education is necessary for children to develop into lifelong learners who are prepared to address the issues of tomorrow. Our 9 GEMS framework provides various opportunities to foster Cambridge Learner attributes,  thereby preparing students holistically. The nine focus areas are:

● Academics — GIIS believes in giving the students opportunities to personalise their learning experience and differentiate their learning process. Our students feel engaged and stay focussed towards attaining learning outcomes.

At GIIS, our students are nurtured for success over and beyond the classroom

● Sports — By encouraging students to participate in sports, we help them develop necessary team-building skills that benefits them emotionally, mentally and physically.

● Visual and Performing Arts — By providing students with opportunities to participate in visual and performing arts, we encourage them to explore their creativity as they develop their interests.

● Personality Development — Through our commitment to personality development, we help our students become confident, better understand themselves, identify their strengths and learn to contribute in valuable ways.

● Innovation and Creativity — We help students become more inspired and creative by mapping their interests and helping them to explore opportunities that align with their passions, making them innovative Cambridge learners.

● Entrepreneurship and Leadership — We strive to show students the value of entrepreneurship and leadership by introducing them to experts in the field as well as giving them hands-on opportunities to develop leadership skills.

● Universal Values and Ethics — Compassion, tolerance and care are at the forefront of our lessons at GIIS. Students become reflective through activities and opportunities given under this GEM.

● Community and Care — By planning community events and providing students with opportunities to volunteer, we stress the value of being involved in the local community. This develops the attribute of being responsible in various aspects of life.

● Skill Development — Skill development is a focal point in all our classes and extracurricular activities, as we feel that 21st-century skills are required to be successful in professional and personal endeavours.

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At GIIS, we offer the Cambridge Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary ( IGCSE) for students in Grades 6 through 10. The CLSP provides students with the foundation they need to succeed in the IGCSE, which provides a perfect springboard to prepare students for the IBDP in Grades 11 and 12.

For more information on Cambridge Lower and Upper Secondary programmes at GIIS, contact us today.

Deepika Sodhi

A highly motivated and dedicated educator with nearly 24 years of teaching experience, Ms. Deepika Sodhi is the Academic Supervisor for International Curricula at Global Indian International School (GIIS) SMART Campus, Singapore.

Ms. Sodhi has a rich experience of teaching Physics across curricula such as the IB, Cambridge IGCSE and CBSE. She has served as an Exam Officer for Cambridge Assessment International Education. Currently, she is an IB Assessment Officer, and a member of International Schools Network and International Baccalaureate Educator Network.

In her free time, Ms. Sodhi enjoys writing blogs, creating guiding material for training staff and community service.

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