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Selina D Souza
Feb 17, 2023
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Choosing the right school for your child is an overwhelming task. There are many options to consider, with each school offering different curriculum options, programmes, extracurricular activities and more. 

But as you are considering an early childhood programme or a primary school for your child in Singapore, you will also want to think of the various stages of schooling ahead. Sometimes, the transitions between schools can be daunting for parents and children alike, which is why many turn to all-through schools.

An all-through international school in Singapore offers educational programmes for students from Grades K1 through 12. Students often begin in the early childhood programmes and stay with the same school through primary and secondary school. It provides a seamless and consistent experience, which can be incredibly beneficial.


Top benefits 

Attending an all-through school is about more than just convenience. There are real benefits for students when they attend the same school through kindergarten, primary school and secondary school.

Your child settles into a familiar environment

While your child will still need to transition between the different levels (kindergarten to primary, primary to secondary etc.), they will stay at the same school. This allows them to feel settled and familiar with their learning environment and with their peer groups. 

They can ease into the increasing academic responsibilities and personal growth and development at this pivotal stage of their life, without worrying about a new school environment, friend groups and more. 

Teachers can develop deep connections with students

As students learn and grow through the years in an all-through school, they may get to meet and be taught by the same teachers who previously taught them. This can help to strengthen the bonds between students and their teachers. 

Teachers can provide additional insight and information on students they have taught and mentored for a longer period of time. Not only does this allow staff to work more effectively, but it also allows your child to develop positive relationships with their teachers.

Children benefit from a strong sense of community

Community is a focal point of an all-through school, with families coming together to support one another as their children work their way through each level of education. In addition, students and staff often have many chances to interact with one another. This sense of community allows children to feel secure and gives them a chance to participate in community life in a way that is productive and beneficial.

Staff members can share best practices

Staff members at all levels — from preschool through to the end of secondary school — can work together in partnership to determine the best practices for all students. This sense of camaraderie allows staff members to better prepare students for transitions and gives them a chance to fine-tune their professional development and training.

Your child will have access to premier facilities

All-through schools usually will have larger campuses than schools that only offer primary or secondary school. As a result, students at all levels can benefit from amenities, such as the shared outdoor learning spaces, collaborative learning areas, multipurpose theaters, STEM studios, libraries and more. 

Why choose GIIS?

As an international all-through school, GIIS places strong emphasis on early childhood development. Research continues to show that the earliest years of our lives significantly impact our total health and well-being well into adulthood, which is why we strive to create an interactive, engaging, safe and fun learning environment for children between the ages of two and a half and five.

The preschool experience at GIIS

The Global Montessori Plus Programme is a customised kindergarten programme at GIIS and is known for developing confident, self-assured students ready to take on the adventure of primary school. 

Our preschool learners are immersed in a supportive, stress-free learning environment where they develop their cognitive, socio-emotional, expressive and motor skills in a safe and child-friendly environment. 

Primary school at GIIS

Primary school students are immersed in an environment where they must learn the norms of both classroom life, and outside of the classroom even as they are building the foundation that they will rely on in secondary school. 

At GIIS, our primary school offers two curricula options, which give parents and students a chance to find the right fit. Whether you choose the IB PYP or the CBSE curriculum, you will find that your child benefits from a learning environment that focuses on developing their critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills.

At an all-through school, students can spend their primary years expanding their knowledge and discovering their interests, all while being rooted in a place that has been part of their past and will continue to play a role in their future.

Secondary school at GIIS

Secondary school at GIIS provides students and families with the opportunity to choose from multiple curricula, including the Cambridge IGCSE, IBDP and CBSE. 

Students have the option to choose from the broad and balanced approach of the Cambridge curriculum and the autonomy and agency within the IB Diploma Programme or the strong STEM foundation and holistic approach of the CBSE. 

GIIS is known for its incredible results, with many students being placed at top-tier international universities around the globe. Through its innovative approach and supportive, nurturing environment, GIIS helps secondary students become thoughtful, respectful and culturally aware young adults who are ready to take on leadership positions.

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Navigating transitions in school

Transitions at school can be overwhelming, even for the most adventurous and confident students. When transitioning from preschool to primary school, the learning style changes significantly, which is why it can be beneficial for children to be enrolled in an all-through school where they maintain a consistent environment with familiar faces. 

The transition from primary school to secondary school also can be daunting as students begin to take on more rigorous academic coursework and prepare for life beyond the classroom. At an all-through school, children are able to rely on the foundation they have built through the years and form trusted relationships with adults, which helps them through these critical transitions.

At GIIS, we are proud to offer curricula rooted in academic excellence at all levels of learning, but our true priority is whole-child development. We want all our students to develop the 21st-century competencies they will need to succeed and grow into confident, curious and passionate lifelong learners.

For more information about GIIS and the benefits of attending an all-through school in Singapore, contact us today and book a campus tour.

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