What you need to know about preschools in Singapore?

Rema Rajiv
May 25, 2021
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When it comes to attending school in Singapore, the culture of excellence begins at preschool Singapore. School at Singapore is not just about a culture of excellence, it is also about individual growth. This is amply reflected in the value systems followed in Singapore’s many world class preschools. Let’s take a look:-

1. Shaws Play As a Way of Learning

Singapore preschools are extremely popular with parents because they know that these will lay the foundation for their children to grow up into confident individuals. What makes them special is the fact that they lay stress on play as a means of learning and acquiring knowledge.

Spontaneity is the cornerstone of your lessons and it empowers them to express themselves in the best possible manner as well as work as part of a team to make discoveries and have fun in the process. This prepares the children  well for the rigours of later schooling.

2. Expertise Matters

The pre schools here have been around for decades providing early childhood education and care that has earned them a formidable reputation as a prominent early childhood organisation in Singapore.

What makes Singapore preschools different is that they focus on all-round development of their young students via their specially designed curriculum that allows them to learn leveraging non-traditional modes of learning. They allow the young ones to hone their interests.

3. Empowering Young Minds

The schools in Singapore are able to empower young minds to achieve their true potential by leveraging the latest findings from the best education experts in the world. They are trail blazers in providing early education as well as top class child care in all Singapore.

4. Top Grade Montessori Education

Singapore preschools provide the best Montessori education enabling the little ones to become willing life-long learners. Their customized programs are just right for preschoolers in the 18 months to 7 years’ age group. Central to their education system is the belief that every child has his or her own unique needs and one needs to address these from the physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth point of view.

5. The Best Kindergartens

The best Singapore kindergarten schools were founded years back and have since earned a sterling reputation  as  independent, international kindergarten entities that make life fun for its little students. Such schools  provide an environment that is friendly, yet challenging for the children who vary between the ages of 18 months  to 6 years. Their education philosophy is derived from the best international curricula which are primarily all about the hands-on play based approach that makes learning such a joy.

6. The Right Environment for Tiny Tots

Many of these preschools happen to be award winning ones designed to meet the expectations of discerning parents of children in the age group of two months to under seven years of age. Such schools offer a comprehensive approach to introducing the very young ones to the concept of education in a fun way.

This may be reflected in things like delicious and nutritious food  prepared by their in-house professional chef and the presence of teaching staff who are warm, friendly and thoroughly experienced as well.

As a matter of fact, such schools provide some  of the best teacher/child ratios in Singapore, enabling the little ones to get ample attention. This allows them to forge positive identities of their own-something that is so important for the development of a child of that age.


Singapore is one of the most prosperous nations in the world and this reflects in their lifestyle. This includes the stellar preschools for children just starting their education. Everything from the infrastructure, ambiance, pedagogy and the safety and security of the little ones is out of the top drawer. 

Singapore is home to high flying expats from all over the world who expect nothing but the very best for their preschool going children. This is where Singapore puts its best foot forward by offering a range of choices in terms of some of the best preschools anywhere in the world. It is not therefore surprising that most expats are extremely satisfied with the quality of preschools that they have access to in Singapore. 

Rema Rajiv

Ms Rajiv has been an Early Childhood educator and practitioner for the past 15 years at GIIS. She heads the Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Programme, supporting kindergarten students in their learning and holistic development to maximise the potential of every student. She has been instrumental in implementing developmentally age-appropriate curriculum that provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning. She is well-respected due to her rich experience in the field and passion for working with preschoolers, helping establish a good rapport with the parent community.​

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