How Coronavirus Has Impacted Students in Pre Primary School & The Future Of Education

Seema Kaushik
Dec 24, 2020

The sudden shift to distance learning has left many schools ill-equipped in their efforts to figure out ways to continue to deliver education to their students amid a global pandemic. Many have succeeded, though, in the last few months. And with more schools re-opening their doors for in-door classes, one might think that things are finally looking up. However, that’s not the case, as the question still stands: is it safe? Given that the coronavirus is still prevalent and with the vaccine still out of ordinary citizens’ hands, schools hesitate to open their doors for now. To restore a bit of normalcy to the situation, some schools are opening for alternate classes, which lets fewer students in, per social distancing rules and guidelines. If you have students in preschool or primary school and you’re wondering about the future of education, or where all these will lead to, here are a few things to think about.

In-Person or Online Classes?

The closure of many businesses in many industries across the globe hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice. This effect, too, is seen in many of the public and private school closures. Some schools may never reopen. Some are thriving and well-equipped to educate their students through innovative ways. However, one thing is quite clear: until the vaccine is available to the general public, the risks are still too significant, and while schools take attempts to provide students with the best possible learning experience at this time, it might be safer to keep the children at home.

What the Future Looks Like

The future of education looks shaky. Not all schools have the resources to handle the transition to online classes. Since it doesn’t look like it’s going to return to ‘normal’ anytime soon, some schools—especially the small ones—might not hold out for that long. What will survive, though, are schools that have already established a reputation in the industry and have resources to provide the support and learning that their student population needs. As a leading preschool in Singapore, we have the resources, staff, and knowledge to move forward with the societal restraints forced by the pandemic. Choosing the right school wisely will mean the difference between letting children continue with their education and disrupting that education.

Distance Learning Issues

Though Smart Campuses like GIIS Singapore have distance learning tools in place, many students prefer to interact with their classmates and teachers in person. That is one of the biggest challenges that students need to deal with. As they adjust to online classes, many students have a hard time with distance learning sessions. They want to go back to a traditional classroom. While all those issues are understandable, there are ways to make the situation work. While both teachers and students would rather return to the classroom at this point, there are plenty of ways to overcome distance learning issues.

Overcoming the Distance

One of the many ways teachers build and keep engagement levels high in class is through the use of various teaching styles. Traditional classroom techniques won’t work anymore. This has pushed a lot of teachers to be creative with their approach. The change in their teaching styles benefits the children. There are different learners and using multiple techniques means teachers can connect with every student in the class. That has helped improve engagement in online classes. Schools that have teachers who understand the different learners can make this happen.

Disrupted Education

The loss of jobs has also affected some students personally. Without the funds to support their education, some students are facing financial strains. There’s also the fact that some of the students might lose out on the necessary education or might have to push off their education. GIIS scholarships are our way to help meritorious students to keep up with their education. Out scholarship programs specifically aimed at helping students with a good track record in school to get the support they need. If the family has been affected by the virus, the program offers the child an opportunity to get financial aid. That financial aid is a massive help for many of the students whose parents or guardians might have lost their jobs in the wake of the coronavirus.

Secondary and College Applications

Many of the students who plan to pursue a primary, secondary school or college education also find themselves dealing with delays and changes in application guidelines and requirements. The pandemic has completely changed the way students apply, with many of the schools offering virtual tours and online interviews or even tests. Many schools are also waiving application fees to make it easier for students with economically-weaker backgrounds to apply. The changes have only added to what is already a stressful experience. As if there’s not enough pressure for the students to do well, now they have to contend with external factors as well.

The Future of Classrooms

Social distancing in schools has become essential. That means kids might need to maintain a safe distance from their peers. No longer will there be any sharing of toys, and playing of games will need to be adjusted. Teachers will need to be creative about letting students play games as groups without breaking any social distancing rules. This could mean a return to alternating schedules. This will also largely depend on parents. Those who might not be comfortable with the thought of sending their kids back to school might opt for online classes. Schools will need to figure out a way to allow those arrangements and ensure that they are receiving the best possible learning experience.

Online Learning

At GIIS Singapore, we have effectively provided students with education seamlessly and in a way that hasn’t reduced the quality of the experience. GIIS Singapore is equipped to handle the shift to e-learning. As education continues to try, schools are trying their best to keep up. Parents who want the best for their kids will need to factor that in. How is the school reacting to the pandemic? What responses has it undertaken? What measures does it have to make sure the school provides a safe and virus-free learning environment? And, is the school ready in case someone gets infected? These are just some ideas that we’ll likely encounter in the future. 

In conclusion, GIIS Singapore is well-equipped to handle the changes to ensure the best experience for your child.

Seema Kaushik

Ms Kaushik is the Career Counsellor with the GIIS SMART Campus in Singapore. She has mentored and guided hundreds of students over the past decade to connect with Universities of their choice, write essays and choose subjects which will give them a jumpstart in their higher studies.

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