Co-Curricular Activities

Activities outside the curricula which helps in the physical and emotional development of students

Co-Curricular Activities

Activities outside the curricula which helps in the physical and emotional development of students


A core component of holistic education is the Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular activities that shape the development of students. They are instrumental in honing the talents and developing social skills, critical thinking and teamwork.

Our school has an array of ECA and CCA activities for the benefit of our students. It is mandatory for our students to participate in at least one activity under both categories.

To instil a sense of belonging, camaraderie and brotherhood among students, many of these activities are held by grouping students into four Houses which encourages healthy competition, a hunger for winning and pride in accomplishments.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities take what students are learning in the classroom and builds upon that through talent shows, performances, competitions, clubs and additional classroom work.

These clubs and activities encourage our students to delve deeper into activities and subject areas that they are passionate about. Across all the innovation, extra-curricular, or co-curricular activities, our primary goal is to incite passion and provide a fun way for students to discover and embrace the spirit of relentless learning, inside as well as outside the classroom, so they can identify with different interests, passions and personalities.

The innate and developing talents of the child in a host of fine arts and performing arts activities is developed through the Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) programme, which is supervised by highly qualified instructors and artistes in the respective field. An indicative list is given below:

Science Clubs

Folk Painting (Warli and Madhubani Painting)

Fine Arts Programme

Ceramics and Clay Modelling

Aryabhatta Club

Artificial Intelligence


Art of Beading



Environment Club

Art & Craft: Doll Making & Bead Art, Origami & Clay Modelling

Carnatic Vocal Music

Robotics Club


Single Stroke Flower Painting

Home Decor (Kolam/Rangoli & Cooking without fire)

Hindustani Vocal Music

Explorers Club


Design Thinking

GIIS-Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music

Orchestrating Musical Talent

Learn more

Design Thinking


Artificial Intelligence




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