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SMART Campus

A state-of-the-art campus with excellent faculty and the latest facilities for student success

A SMART Campus

Spread over 10 acres (3.5 hectares) of land, the SMART Campus is a tech-savvy premises which has a student capacity of more than 4,000. Designed by US and Japanese architects with ideas from our teachers, this is a state-of-the-art school which bases its pedagogy on 21st century learning.  This school of the future is designed for imparting skill-based learning to make students expand their horizons and develop into well-rounded global leaders of tomorrow.


The fact that we have multiple curricula options for Grades K-12 under one roof has added to the depth of our pedagogical framework. Indian and International curricula run parallel in our school with students having the option of swapping routes at any given point of their choice. We offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme, IB Primary Years Programme, Indian CBSE Programme and Global Montessori Plus.


Our teachers are our best assets. Ask our students and they will tell how much influence subject teachers and class teachers have had on their overall path in education. Many of our teachers are holders of masters degrees and above, and have been with us since the day the school began operations. Through subject expertise, constant upgrading of knowledge and moving ahead of the curve, they have made a big impact on student profiles and personas, by being mentors, guiding lights and pillars of strength and encouragement.


Our students benefit from a uniquely student-centric environment which is equipped to prepare them for the four C's of Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking. Our digital classrooms are spaces without borders or horizons, our skills studios are well-equipped labs for experimentation and creativity. We have brought technology into sports - both indoor and outdoor - to give students an extra edge in their quest for excellence.

We balance all this within a sustainable and green environment, which teaches students to go green, respect everything around them and lead an emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle.

Learning Outcomes

The SMART Campus combines modern teaching and frontier technologies in a framework that emphasises on holistic development to allow students to expand their learnings into competencies beyond the curriculum.

We have struck the perfect balance in providing academics, sports and skills development among students, through the 9 GEMS holistic education framework, which ensures excellence in education, in sports, in imparting universal values and ethics and developing the personality and character of our students.

This is essential in the modern world as skill-based education is a prerequisite in job markets. A well-rounded personality in a student will help them excel in the increasingly complex and globalised world.