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A Holistic Education for the Middle Years

Our Middle Years Programme focuses on the cognitive, emotional and spiritual development of 11 to 14 year-olds. It provides a structured system to support the needs of our students with a curricula that revolves around skills-based learning and self-reflection within a digital environment.

Academics - Multiple choice of curriculum

We cater to the educational needs of students from different diaspora. They have the choice between Indian (CBSE) and International (Cambridge) curricula which cater to the learning styles of different groups of students.

For international students, Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme offers the prestigious Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) to Grades 6,7 and 8. It is designed to provide a strong foundation for students wanting to pursue the IGCSE curriculum.

Both insist on academic excellence through rigour as well as holistic development through introduction of skills-based and personality grooming education weaved into the curricula.

Add-ons - Value Added Programmes

Our academic add-ons are programmes that give additional boosts to a student's learning curve through targeted studies, helping them focus on additional areas and concepts at no extra cost.

We provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) related material that helps students understand key concepts in the subject by creating working models of these concepts; use online tools like HeyMath! to hone their mathematical skills and conduct detailed assessments through which the teachers understand every child’s strengths and weakness in particular subjects.


Extra-Curricular Activities

For our students, the rigour of academics is well-balanced by proper exposure to sports through extracurricular activities, physical education and a Cricket Academy.

Sport is encouraged through ECA while co-curricular activities (CCAs) include honing inherent skills in students like performing arts, leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation.

These activities balance the learning environment in the school and allow students to be well-rounded individuals who can excel at anything, and be ready to face the world as global citizens.

There are also course enrichment activities conducted in class after each concept (like quizzes, group projects or short tests).



Table tennis





Junior Athletics


Extra-Curricular Activities

Explorers Club

Ceramics and Clay Modelling

Art & Craft: Doll Making & Bead Art, Origami & Clay Modelling

Environment Club

Single Stroke Flower Painting

Hindustani Vocal Music



Aryabhatta Club

Home Decor (Kolam/Rangoli & Cooking without fire)

Fine Arts Programme

Robotics Club

Science Clubs


Folk Painting (Warli and Madhubani Painting)

Art of Beading

Carnatic vocal

Carnatic Vocal Music

Assessments and Achievements

Students go through a number of assessments in a year.

For the Indian Curriculum, assessments include:
• 2 formative tests each term
• 1 mid-term test
• 1 final term examination.

For International Curriculum, assessments include:
• Ongoing formative tests throughout the term
• Bookended with two term-end examinations in the end.

Communication and Interaction

We make sure that parents are involved in the education and growth of their children at every step.

All information about the student is shared with the parent through our customised portal - myGIIS - which acts as a communication platform between the two sides.

Newsletters and emails are sent periodically, while each parental query is responded to within 24 hours – unless it is punctuated by a weekend, public holiday or vacation.

9 GEMS(TM) Holistic Educational Framework

Over and above academic excellence, our award-winning 9GEMS framework promotes values like discipline, creativity, sportsmanship, leadership and respect – many based on universally admired teachings.

This enriched learning experience helps develop our students into refined, morally upstanding citizens of the world; and better prepares them for the myriad challenges of their adult lives.

School Events and Activities

An array of events and activities all year round provide our students a platform to showcase their skills, as well as keep them engaged and involved in many social events like sports, arts, community service etc.

Under the idea of our 9GEMS holistic learning framework, we organise age-appropriate events to allow students to explore inherent talents from sports excellence, to performing arts, to entrepreneurship and community service.