Why Global Indian International School is so popular among expats?

Deepika Sodhi
May 25, 2021

Singapore boasts some of the best schools in the world. A lot of it has to do with the fact that it is a first world nation attracting expats from all over the world to live and work there. Quite a large number of them come with their families and the presence of a large number of international schools in the city state makes them very comfortable doing so. Among the Indian expat community in Singapore the most popular choice of school for their children is the Global Indian International School. As a matter of fact, it is quite popular among children of expats from other parts of the world as well.

Let us examine in detail what makes this school so special among the new international schools in Singapore. 

1. Trusted by Parents

The two campuses of the Global Indian International Schools are quite a favorite with parents in terms of what they offer to their children. Of all the nursery and secondary schools in Singapore, they are the ones that parents, especially Indian ex-pats are going to want to send their children. This is largely on account of their proven track record with regard to stellar academic results, as well as the fact that GIIS students are known to obtain admission in some of the best universities of the world.

2. Cutting Edge Campuses

The East Coast campus that sprawls over 8  acres of lush land is a haven of peace, tranquility and learning for the primary and middle school students. Then there is the SMART campus spread across 10 acres of land replete with state-of-the-art learning infrastructure and cutting-edge pedagogy. 

These are essence schools of the future that put technology first and above all. That apart there is a lot of emphasis on extracurricular activities for which the best facilities possible are provided to the students to let them express themselves and their talents in the best possible manner. With things like digital classrooms, culinary labs, music studio, radio station and a lot more, GIIS provides an empowering and enabling environment to the students, the sky's the limit to what they can achieve. 

3. Best Curricula

When it comes to curricula the GIIS Singapore provides the best of Indian and international offerings. Indian students are happy to note that apart from the homegrown CBSE curriculum, they also have access to Cambridge IGCSE for senior students as well as the much-acclaimed IB diploma program. Then there is the Cambridge (CLSP) program for grades 6 and 7 and IB Primary years for grades 1 to 5. For preschoolers, there is the much-acclaimed Global Montessori program.

4. Scholarships

The GIIS group of schools are very committed to impart the highest standard of education to talented children regardless of their economic status. To this end, they have provided handsome scholarships to students who excel in academics or sports.  These scholarships are offered to students from Grades 1 to 12 under the aegis of the Global Schools Foundation.

5. Global Environment

The two Global Indian International Schools in Singapore have a truly global environment with students from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds getting to know each other and study together. This fosters a spirit of fraternity and camaraderie among them, turning them into truly global citizens free of any kind of prejudices and bias. 

If the Global Indian International School, Singapore is rated amongst the top international schools in Singapore, it is on account of the exemplary quality of education that this school provides to its students. That apart, the multicultural and multinational environment that prevails in this school augurs very well for the children of expats who spend years living abroad in diverse kinds of cultures. Studying in a school like GIIS empowers them to hold their own in diverse cultural environments. 

The best-in-class educational, sports and other extracurricular activity-related infrastructure helps the students to grow, blossom and reach their full potential. It is no wonder that universities from around the world consider these students to be an asset. Receiving an education at the GIIS Singapore is nothing short of a passport to a great future. It is not surprising then that this school is one of the most sought-after in all Singapore.

Deepika Sodhi

Ms Sodhi Is the Academic Supervisor for International Curricula at GIIS SMART Campus in Singapore. She has been teaching Physics for the past 22 years and has a great ability to help students relate to scientific principles in everyday life. She is also actively involved in helping GIIS smoothly transition to Digital Pedagogy in teaching, assessments etc

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