Why are Singapore IB schools so popular and the first choice of international students?

Jul 24, 2021
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Parents will be pleasantly surprised to know that IBDP students come out at the top of the race in the IB exam Singapore when compared to students of other countries. This global success story is due to the impeccable education system in Singapore and its state of the art educational facilities and unique frameworks that have enabled such progression.

Advantages of a Singapore IB school

The IB is best known for its two year robust International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) and is sought after in top universities across the globe. The IBDP is a dynamic curriculum that keeps changing as per the current requirements and has a universal perspective and a global relevance that helps students keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in the world. It also is a great platform where students get to develop key skills and the right attitude to thrive in the current environment.

Another advantage of IB curriculum that a Singapore international school offers is the high acceptance rate of students among some of the best universities in the world when they are pursuing higher education. 

Students are required to pass 6 subject areas and these are divided into higher and standard levels. Apart from this, students have to take up the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and CAS (creativity, activity, service) and these are an important part of the curriculum. These learnings are based on concepts that have local and global relevance and are a very effective way of learning as it gives the much needed real time insight of real world problems. 

What Does the Core of the IB Curriculum Teach?

Extended Essay

The extended essay is meant to help students reflect on their purpose or their topic of essay. It gives students the opportunity to do thorough research and reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of their subject of essay, problems and limitations that may arise and ways to improve upon the problem and the plausible conclusion to the subject. This kind of approach to a problem gives them the tools to handle issues in a structured manner. These attributes make transition into universities and careers easy as they already know how to tackle complex issues and have the necessary critical thinking skills.

Theory of knowledge

This is another DP core that is very important for the IBDP Program. The TOK helps students understand the theory behind the concept and the question, “How do we know this?”, comes into picture. This helps students realise what the assumptions are and what the true facts are concerning the subject area. They delve deep to understand the reasons behind a concept and the very root of how it came to being. The TOK requires students to give an oral presentation and this is a great way to learn the art of presenting intricate topics which can be a major boon when they progress to universities and lucrative jobs thereafter.

CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service)

This is another crucial part of the IB curriculum that concentrates on the creative aspects, extra curricular activities and community service. These are project based learning activities that are based on real purposeful activities that have a proper significant outcome and conclusion. This can be related to any of the CAS streams and gives children a strong sense of purpose and an intense personal learning experience. 

Why are Some of the Best Singapore IB Schools So Popular?

Apart from the highly self-directed learning curriculum, an International Singapore IB school has created unique curricula that enable them to provide a more holistic education in order to develop all aspects like physical development, intellectual development, emotional and social development  and ethical values.

And top Singapore IB schools provide the right platform for IB students and give them the facilities like smart classrooms, virtual labs and a state of the art campus in order to facilitate effective learning outcomes.

These are made possible by providing a platform that is technologically savvy and innovative in nature. The curriculum is also designed keeping in mind the importance of community development and social service. All these wonderful attributes help a child think critically and understand the importance of giving back to the community and working for the betterment of our world in general. Values like compassion, equality and cultural diversity enable these children to adapt to a learning environment that emphasises on finding solutions and solving intricate problems of our community.

The technological aspect gives them the 21st century world skills to tackle complex problems by taking up leadership and responsible roles in the society.

Find the best ib schools in singapore for Foreign Students Admission

During Singapore local school admissions for foreign students, these above facilities should be the top priority for all parents. Also, most of the IBs schools have good university placement programs to reduce the burden of scouting for universities and to guide children and their parents about the Know Hows of university application process. Check with the school with regard to the kind of universities that they have collaborated with and if it falls under your expectation of good universities. Last but not the least, the faculty or the teacher should be highly qualified in handling the IB curriculum and should have the right temperament and experience to handle different children in an international environment.

The best way to go about it is to visit the school campus and thoroughly check all the facilities and the attributes that they claim they possess. Also, a good talk with the principal and the teachers involved will give you a gist of the school’s attitude in general.

Now you know how Singapore IB schools are much more progressive than their counterparts from around the world. Singapore local school admissions for foreign students can pave the way for some of the most wonderful opportunities in your child’s life.


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