What is special about top IB and international schools in Singapore?

Jul 24, 2021

Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries of the world with an enviable standard of living. Its infrastructure and facilities are world class as is lts education system. It is not surprising therefore that it attracts people from all over the world to come and settle there. That apart, a very large number of people from around the world take up jobs there or run profitable businesses in the city-state.

The fact that Singapore has world class educational facilities encourages expats to live in the city with their families as they know that their children will get to study at the best of schools and colleges. Let us examine what the Singapore education system offers to aspiring students.

Top IB Schools

The International Baccalaureate program is very popular with expat students because it prepares them to get ready for seeking admission in the best of international colleges after they pass out from school. There are a large number of top IB schools in Singapore that enable students to take advantage of the benefits that accrue from receiving that much desired diploma.

Having a large number of IB schools is indicative of the educational prowess of a nation. The United States, for instance, has the maximum number of IB schools in the world. Likewise the presence of so many prestigious IB schools in Singapore shows that it is one of the major hubs of quality education worldwide.

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Accessibility to World Class Education 

Expats are quite happy to move their families to Singapore, because they know that their children would be able to secure admission in one of the many IB schools that dot the city. You could even say that the network of IB schools in Singapore is one of the reasons why so many expats are comfortable living in Singapore with their families for many years.

With Singapore being a magnet for the best professionals to come and work there, one can expect more and more expat families to come to live in the city. That can only be expected to increase and enhance the already extensive network of IB schools present there. 

International Schools in Singapore

It is not just the international schools in Singapore that attract expats to come and live there with their families. The presence of a large number of international schools boasting world class infrastructure and facilities plays a part too. With many expats coming from first world countries like Canada, the United States, Australia and so on, it is important that their children study at a school that has the same high standards that they are used to back home.

Campus Facilities and Curriculum

All of the international schools in Singapore boast of impressive campuses replete with cutting edge classrooms, sports facilities, cafeteria, auditoriums, gyms, swimming pools and of course the best teaching staff. Not just that, many of these schools offer their expat students the same curriculums that they are used to in their home countries. This not only makes the transition to the Singapore schools easy and seamless for them, it also allows them to equally conveniently integrate back into their home country education system, should the need arise later.

Many of the international or world schools in Singapore are run by globally renowned organizations with many years of experience behind them. They offer the latest in pedagogy as well as integrate technology to make the education system contemporary and ready for the times.

Advantages of Studying in Singapore

Singapore has for long been a coveted destination for many around the world, on account of its wealth and high standards of living. The fact that it boasts a world class education system only adds to its allure. The authorities in Singapore on their part ensure that the education system continues to evolve and develop in keeping with the needs of the times.

The international and IB schools in Singapore on their part play a sterling role in making Singapore an attractive destination for the large number of expats who chose to live in Singapore with their families. The schooling system of Singapore is not only out of the top drawer, but also very resilient. This was borne out by the fact that all its schools rose to the occasion to ensure that no child’s education suffered on account of the restriction imposed worldwide in the wake of the global pandemic. 

Going forward, one can only expect the Singapore school system to grow from strength to strength and continue to make it the envy of the world. One can expect to see the nation of Singapore to continue to be the magnet for the best professional talent in the world and its school a shining beacon of excellence. 

In this one can expect its international as well as IB schools to play a stellar role as always. If there is anything that defines Singapore as a nation, it is its international character and its various international and IB schools epitomise this very fact.


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