Reasons Why best Preschools find Montessori Curriculum Imperative for Holistic Development of Children

Rema Rajiv
May 21, 2021
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Every parent turns into a skillful researcher when it comes to choosing the right preschool for their toddler. Parents are the best judge of the personality and learning needs of their children. So the onus of finding the right school for your child cannot be given to anyone else. The good news is that many researchers have suggested and supported the Montessori method of teaching for the holistic development of children from a young age.

At GIIS preschool in Singapore, we have adopted this well-acclaimed curriculum and amalgamated it with modern teaching methods to ensure the overall development of the child. Let's read on to understand the benefits of the pedagogy followed in our school.


1. Builds a sense of Community

There are different stations set across the classroom to help children learn the required skills. Students are independently left to choose what stations they are interested in. While working on stations with similar interests they tend to share and work cooperatively to explore the parts of the station. By the very nature of the classroom, students build a sense of community and respect for their fellow classmates.


2. Child centred learning

Unlike traditional classrooms where the teacher stands in front of the classroom and decides the course of learning, in the Montessori curriculum, children decide the course of learning. Teachers are there to only assist the students. Even the design of the classroom is such that everything is within the reach of the students. Classrooms are made using bright colours and small and comfortable furniture, all the activity stations, books, toys are purposely kept within the range of the students.


3. Self-Discipline

The atmosphere of Montessori classrooms is play-like yet there are some ground rules set as to what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. Teachers are there to assist the children and ensure that the ground rules are followed. While playing and learning with their peers, children learn to be self-disciplined and well-behaved individuals.


4. Focuses on individual learning needs

The curriculum focuses on honing the skills of each child as per their needs. Where younger children work to improve motor skills and language skills, children older than them focus on developing fine motor skills and completing daily activities. Older preschoolers are exposed to the community experiences by organizing trips and events.

5. Inspires Creativity

The freedom to choose what they want to do and what interests them inspires creativity in the young students. They are not forced to complete tasks for the sake of results; rather it is a fun play where they enjoy the whole process and get to be creative without the pressure of the end result


6. Hands on Learning

Hands on learning is the foundation of curriculum. Every learning aid in a Montessori classroom is designed so as to make it look appealing and accessible to the students. It allows children to indulge in activities and learn about things with hands-on experience. Teachers guide the students as they explore different materials which are sensory based like geometric solids. 

At GIIS preschool best practices have been followed to design the Global Montessori Plus program for the students. This is done with the simple aim of ensuring a strong foundation to the learning journey of the students.

Benefits of sending your child to an International School:


1. Diversity in culture :

Through the curriculum offered by us, students develop an appreciation for cultures across the world. Due to the nature of the school being open to students from all nationalities, students are also able to interact with peers from different cultures but in the context of a common setting.


2. Increased opportunities to study abroad :

Students from international schools have lesser troubles in securing admissions to universities across the world. The nature of the curriculum along with the exposure given to students ensures that they face no barriers in their pursuit of studying in any foreign country.


3. Focus on a self-learning approach :

With curriculums such as the Montessori approach, students are encouraged to explore subjects of their liking with no fear of failure. Teachers act as supportive guides to ensure that students end up becoming life-long learners through the process of self-inquiry.


4. Better student-teacher interactions :

As international schools focus on keeping a healthy ratio between the number of students and teachers, there is more scope for quality interactions between the teachers and students. This ensures that students receive timely attention from their teachers whenever they face obstacles they cannot overcome by themselves.


5. Equal emphasis on extracurricular activities :

Through extra-curricular activities, the school unlocks the hidden talent of students in fields beyond academic subjects. By offering state-of-the-art facilities, we are able to hone the skills of our students in a more effective manner.



So, if your decision is to begin the schooling of your child from an International Montessori School then there is nothing better you could have chosen for your child. Sit back and get ready to be surprised with every change and new learning your child will bring back home.

Rema Rajiv

Ms Rajiv has been an Early Childhood educator and practitioner for the past 15 years at GIIS. She heads the Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Programme, supporting kindergarten students in their learning and holistic development to maximise the potential of every student. She has been instrumental in implementing developmentally age-appropriate curriculum that provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning. She is well-respected due to her rich experience in the field and passion for working with preschoolers, helping establish a good rapport with the parent community.​

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