Parents Guide to Find the Best Nursery Schools in Singapore

Rupali Karekar
Jun 21, 2021
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Sending your child to a preschool is a mixed feeling for every parent. There is an eagerness to see your little one start his/her education journey yet it’s hard to make them stay apart from you for hours. Therefore, selecting the best Nursery school plays a vital role and can help  subside these feelings of anxiety. It's always a relief to know that you have picked a good preschool and your child is in a safe place where she will be cared for and attended to.

First and foremost, let's be clear why you should enrol your child in a Nursery School?

When children are of the ages 3-6 years, their minds eagerly soak up information just like sponges. So it is necessary to provide a good environment at this crucial age, where they can learn new concepts which sets a strong foundation for their formative years.

Benefits of Nursery Schools in Singapore

● Nourishes young minds, enriches them with the necessary information.

● It instils in them a healthy attitude towards learning and prepares them for the academic years.

● Preschools are perfectly balanced with play-time with learning. 

● Starting an early education ensures better academic performance and personality development.

● Preschool is more about extra-curricular activities such as art, crafts, running and climbing that develop a child’s motor skills.

● Your child will mingle with other children of the same age and these interactions help in developing interpersonal skills.

● You’ll see a major improvement in their language and vocabulary. They will be able to communicate their feelings and thoughts in a better way.

What’s the best age for Nursery?

Children of age 2.5 years are accepted by Nursery schools but most parents get admission at 3 years.  

Parent’s Checklist for Singapore Schools

Set Schedule

The nursery has a schedule for various activities like studying, playing, lunch etc. If your child is not used to it, start doing the same at home so that they get into the habit. For eg:- Mealtime, Sleeping time, Playtime, Study time etc

Prepare them

Preschool is all about activities, so prepare them mentally and physically for the same by providing nutritious food, inculcating some activities at home or during their playtime with other children.

Communicate with them

Most preschoolers do not speak perfectly but they should be able to say a few words clearly so that people around them are able to understand what they are saying. In case they are facing difficulty then communicate with them frequently at home before enrolling them in a preschool so that they make a habit of it. It makes things easier when they have to speak to doctors and counsellors if there are certain issues.

Let them be away from you

Children who have never been away from a parent have a hard time adjusting to nursery school. So it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure they spend time away from you so that they have a smooth transition.


Self-care is important for any child starting Nursery. Make sure you teach them basic self-care skills at home before starting preschool such as being able to wash their hands, eat food, go to the washroom etc.

Tips to choose the right Nursery Schools in Singapore


Since your child will be spending the majority of his/her time with teachers, it is necessary to know more about their qualifications and experience and the way  they interact with your children.  You should also understand how they share a good bond with children, and the kind of approach they use when they  teach, etc.

Student-Teacher Ratio

Enquire about teacher-to-student ratio, as less ratio means more personal attention to each child.


Nursery School has a curriculum and Montessori education is one of the curricula to choose from as it covers all the aspects of child development.

Evaluate your child’s learning needs and enquire about the curriculum with counsellors or teachers.

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Check if Nursery school teaches all these skills

● Literacy: Reading and writing

● Numeracy: Numbers, basic maths

● Science: Animal name, Nature, Body parts etc

● Identifying objects, Describing the environment, knowing the seasons, reading time, taking good hygiene care, and more

● Social and emotional: Cooperation, manners, independence and self-reliance, resolving conflict.

● Language and literacy: Vocabulary, Communication.

Nursery school learning should not be restricted to the classroom. It should include outdoor areas. The best curriculum works well when the teachers have excellent teaching styles and enough experience in handling children.


One of the biggest concerns for every parent is safety. So take a tour to inquire about the safety and emergency plans that the preschool follows.


Driving half the time just to pick and drop your child can be stressful. Apart from this, during an emergency, it can be a little dangerous too 

So find a middle ground and choose a preschool that meets your needs without compromising distance.


Word of mouth is the best way of hearing reviews from trusted friends and family members whose children have been to the same nursery school and these reviews can help you  get an overall idea about the school.

Looking for Nursery Singapore Schools?

GIIS is one school that you need to consider. GIIS is one of the top-rated Nursery Schools in Singapore and has received over 150+ awards in education excellence. It has 22 campuses across 7 countries.

GIIS’s Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Programme is based on Maria Montessori's world-renowned teaching methodology which fosters social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills.

GIIS - Nursery School in Singapore

GIIS makes the most of the child's crucial years by designing the right curriculum and include enrichment programmes that target the development of sensory, motor, intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social development. 

Along with that, it has a team of qualified teachers who undergo rigorous training sessions yearly regardless of their prior qualifications and experience to upgrade their skills and knowledge to keep up with the latest developments in early childhood education.

Want to know more about GIIS International Schools Singapore, check out the links given below.

Global Indian International School (GIIS), Singapore

Board:- Global Montessori (GMP), IB Primary Years (PYP), Cambridge (CLSP), Cambridge (IGCSE), IB DP (Diploma), CBSE and Bilingual Program

School Level:- Kindergarten to HighSchool

Admission Process:-

School fee structure:-

Campus Tour:-

Admission Form:-

Contact Details:

Contact:- WeChat QR Code /Whatsapp:- +65-9631 6000

Call:- +65-69147100 (International)/ +86-21603-14561 (Call from China)

Toll-free No:- 1800-5722-810


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