Importance of 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship in Student Life

Seema Kaushik
Jan 4, 2021

If you think scholarships are just a leeway to gain access to education and ease your financial burden, think again. Scholarships are vital as they give students access to the education they inevitably need. GIIS Singapore’s 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship is one such programme that provides holistic learning to produce all-round citizens. There are unique scholarships that offer valuable learning opportunities outside of academics.

The 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship is a unique program. The scholarship aligns itself with each of the 9GEMS in GIIS 9GEMS pedagogy. Being a prestigious scholarship with global recognition, the 9GEMS is a framework that nurtures exceptional character development in students through an integrated learning approach. 

We will now look at the 9GEMS in detail and discuss what makes it crucial for a student striving for excellence. Read on to learn all about it.

Guiding Principles of the 9GEMS Scholarships:

The primary purpose of the 9GEMS program is to shape students into future global citizens. It prepares students to be leaders for life. The program acknowledges that in this changing world, student success does not rest on creativity, skills development, ethics, and discipline. Through it’s 9GEMS scholarship grant, GIIS hopes to encourage and motivate students to explore their skills.

The basis of the model is academic excellence, which is instilled throughout a child's learning process. In the early years of a child’s growth, the program emphasizes on developing creativity, discipline, universal values and personality. During the secondary years of a student’s life, the model shifts its focus to academics, entrepreneurship, leadership and career development.   

A Breakdown of the 9 GEMS Scholarships Programme:

1. Academic excellence

As a top international school in Singapore, GIIS integrates best education practices with a distinctive teaching approach to ensure academic excellence. The focus is on learning by design. The program provides a collaborative learning platform where students share knowledge and ideas generated from their minds.

2. Sports excellence

Apart from academics, the 9GEMS framework also focuses on sports prowess. GIIS Singapore believes in providing students with opportunities and amenities for different types of sports. The aim is to enhance student sportsmanship. Sports are basic level activities that help students to build mental toughness, physical strength and character. 

3. Visual and performing arts

Students at GIIS, Singapore, are given a chance to explore their creativity. The scholarship incorporates a skills-based education programme that provides students with the tools and guidance they need to sharpen their talents and develop new skills. The school exposes students to visual and digital arts and gives them a platform to explore and express their creativity.

4. Personality development

GIIS Singapore understands the importance of personality development in a student’s life. The scholarship includes essential programmes like sports, meditation, critical thinking, self-expression, and social development. The aim is to cultivate different facets of student development that enhances an all-inclusive personality.

5. Innovation and creativity

The 9GEMS program is designed to foster creative and innovative skills by identifying their interest areas and matching them with their key competencies. This facilitates growth and gives students the ability to discover and explore different strategies for problem-solving. 

6. Entrepreneurship and leadership

The 9GEMS programmes focus on the ideas of entrepreneurship and leadership among students in their early lives. To facilitate this programme, the GIIS School, Singapore, invites experts and conducts boot camps to expose students to leadership and entrepreneurship concepts. As students discuss, interact and participate in these activities, they build their confidence and authority in their interest subjects.

7. Universal values and ethics

The scholarship does not only help GIIS to churn out global leaders but also empathetic individuals. This programme is guided by the teachings and values of Mahatma Gandhi. The curriculum incorporates elements of peace, kindness, social welfare, and respect. It teaches students to abide by these values and develop a character that values peace and respect for everyone.

8. Community and care

Through its all-inclusive programme, GIIS Singapore allows students to go out and enjoy social interactions in the community. The school utilizes methods such as participation in community events, charity events, and green initiatives. When students engage in such noble activities, they can value and care for the community around them.

9. Skills development

Skills development is a program supported by the GIIS Smart Campus. Students get training and experiences that enable them to develop both the real world and soft skills. This boosts their expertise that enhances their personality. When added to their educational portfolio, we have all-rounded students.   

Why do you need the 9GEMS Scholarships?

Right now, the world needs leaders who are creative, responsible, and empathetic. These are the ideals and values that the 9GEMS cultivates. Getting this scholarship will give you access to the right educational framework. As a student, you are living in a dynamic world. Academic excellence alone cannot guarantee success. You need to excel in other aspects of life and become a well-rounded person to reach the greatest heights of success.

Going through the 9GEMS holistic program will equip you with all the skills you need to adapt quickly to the changing needs and trends. This integrated educational methodology will groom you from a young age, refine your inner strengths and mould your personality as you grow up.

Since the programme balances academics with extracurricular activities, you will get a chance to grow in other vital areas of your life as a student. The framework is age-appropriate and balances learning. This means that advancing in each step of the curriculum will equip you with the right skills.  

By the time you are through with the programme, you will transform into an all-rounded and successful individual. You will become an individual who is not only knowledgeable but one who can create solutions to real-world problems.  

As it is, we want future leaders who can prioritize societal problems over personal gains. This educational framework strives to produce future global leaders who can bring sustainable solutions to the issues crippling the world.

If you want to get value for your education, consider getting scholarships that offer holistic education. This way, you get access to quality learning that goes beyond academics. A successful student is one who develops not only academic skills but other critical social skills. This makes a holistic development scholarship important in student life.

Seema Kaushik

Ms Kaushik is the Career Counsellor with the GIIS SMART Campus in Singapore. She has mentored and guided hundreds of students over the past decade to connect with Universities of their choice, write essays and choose subjects which will give them a jumpstart in their higher studies.

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