How do top International schools in Singapore design their Cambridge Curriculum?

Rupali Karekar
Jul 24, 2021

Singapore has secured the position of one of the top cities to provide global education to all its international students. And the standards of excellence the Singapore government  compels its schools to follow is very high. Home to some of the best schools and universities worldwide, Singapore acts as a global platform for students from around the world.

Cambridge Curriculum

The Cambridge IGCSE ( International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is truly a global curriculum. It is also the most popular international curriculum that is followed by top international schools in the world. It offers a comprehensive choice of subjects and provides opportunities to learn from different perspectives and methods to help students connect their concepts more effectively.

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum offers upto 70 subjects including 30 languages and can be tailor-made according to the needs of the schools that follow this curriculum. And the students are graded between A* to G according to the internationally recognised guidelines administered by the University Of Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE).

Another important aspect of Cambridge’s IGCSE is that the curriculum is designed to suit an international environment and does not have any cultural biases. This kind of platform is necessary for the 21st century learners who need to thrive in a highly competitive environment in different parts of the world.

How are These Curriculums Designed in Top International Schools in Singapore?

Top International Schools in Singapore design their Cambridge IGCSE curriculum using unique frameworks and methodologies in order to provide a more robust program where all round development of the students beyond academics are stressed upon.

The curriculum is designed using an  international approach but with local relevances. This aids in helping students make the right interrelation between concepts and ideas with a global outlook.

Some of the best IGCSE schools have a well-balanced curriculum that focuses on different aspects of education like Academics, Sports, Creativity, Innovation, Personality Development, Leadership skills , Moral values and ethics, etc. 

Technological Environment

Another feature that top international schools in Singapore provide are the advanced state of the art facilities that creates an enhanced learning experience to all students. This is one of the most important factors considered by most parents when they look for a good Cambridge International IGCSE School. Smart classrooms are the newest norm in most international schools and an innovative environment like this can make education more engaging and fun.

What are the Advantages of Unique Cambridge Singapore  Curriculums Like These?

One of the top advantages of the IGCSE Curriculum is the foundation it provides to students who wish to pursue higher level education like the International Baccalaureate Diploma program , ‘A’ levels exam, AP, Indian CBSE or any of their home curricula.

The foundational concepts that are necessary to pursue higher academics is very strong among these students and this makes way for better understanding of all their lessons.

The Cambridge Singapore curriculum is recognised by top universities and colleges and is an advanced curriculum that aids in pursuing professional courses across the world.

Encourages students to be more self- initiating and enterprising by instilling values like critical thinking, problem solving and interpersonal skills. It helps students adapt to a diversified culture where there is a fusion of different nationalities.

It instigates intellectual enquiry among these students and encourages them to be more flexible in their approach to new challenges and problems.

A Foundation for Future Endeavours

Since IGCSE gives you the advantage to choose subjects of the student’s choice apart from the core subjects, it is often easier to decide on the next course of action for his/her higher studies and career.

The quality of education in IGCSE is well designed by experts in the education field and provides a good balance between theoretical knowledge and practical learning and helps students to gain a thorough understanding of concepts and methodologies.

Apart from the core curriculum, IGCSE also offers the extended curriculum where students can choose to study the subject in order to gain an in-depth understanding and is useful when they wish to pursue these subjects in their higher studies.

The Cambridge IGCSE course framework encourages students to think critically by questioning different perspectives before they derive to plausible conclusions. This approach is especially useful when they are pursuing professional careers across the world in leadership roles.

Why Can IGCSE be a Good Option for the Ages 14 to 16?

The Cambridge Singapore IGCSE Curriculum is constantly evolving to meet the changing times and is a wonderful global platform that emphasises on core skills in order to help its students become socially responsible citizens.

In grades 9 and 10, children are learning to understand their likes and dislikes and the vast subjects that IGCSE offers gives them a platform to explore their interests before they make a sound decision in their 11 and 12 grades.

Since the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum provides a global benchmark to evaluate students during the course, it is trusted by top universities in Europe and North America as a highly standardized curriculum.

The IGCSE curriculum is ideal for those who want to pursue global education in different parts of the world. And it is also a great foundation course for those students who want to take up the IB diploma program in 11th and 12th grades offered by top international schools in Singapore

It is especially advantageous to students who want to pick unique subjects apart from the common ones in order to cater to their innate interests and skills.

Rupali Kaerkar

Ms Karekar comes with over 20 years experience in content writing and content strategy in fields from journalism and content marketing. As head of international communications, she has been actively interacting with stakeholders like the student, teacher and parent community to ensure open channels of dialogue and passage of information between all parties. As a result, the school initiatives and stakeholder performances find the right platform and voice to share their achievements.

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