How a student scholarship impacts success

Seema Kaushik
Jan 4, 2021

Scholarships cover the financial costs of education. But these programmes do more than reduce the financial burden and rising costs that tuition fees put on students. At its finest, educational grants make it possible for the students to find time and energy to devote time to their studies.

Here’s a look at why scholarships matter and how they contribute to student success outside the realms of providing mere education subsidy. Let’s begin.


Financial Impact:

A student scholarship fully or partially covers a student's tuition fees. It reduces the financial burden that comes with rising tuition costs on students. We can say that it is different from other forms of financial assistance, such as loans taken by parents, which need to be paid back.  That’s not how a scholarship works. It takes on the financial cost so that the student who gets awarded the grant no longer has to worry about finding and getting a part-time job.

Students with little to no means of funding their education independently now have a solid chance of pursuing education free of financial worries. Many students from economically distressed families and communities look to these scholarships to improve their quality of life.   


Educational Impact:

If you receive the grant, students do not have to struggle with the stress of the financial burden faced by parents. You can devote as many hours as you can to your studies.

A fully-funded student scholarship grants you the liberty to choose the course that you truly want, regardless of its cost. This gives you the academic freedom to grow into the future that you have chosen. Unlike some students who are compelled to abandon their dreams and not get the support. For example, a scholarship can help a talented student a better understanding of robotics by giving them access to mentors, international seminars and more. With funding, students can achieve their aspirations at a quicker pace.

Career Impact:

When you graduate, you will compete with many equally talented individuals when applying for a university education. You might not stand out when compared to your peers if you graduated from similar courses in similar schools. The need of the hour is to stand out and distinguish yourself from the others.

If you have a scholarship on record, you’ll stand out with ease. A scholarship looks good on a resume. It can give you the chance to get one foot in the door. Whether you stay or go will be up to you.

If any of the people on the selection committee knows the scholarship's competitive nature, you will stand a chance to impress them by showcasing your scholarships. Why? Because earning a competitive scholarship shows to them that you have the potential to lead a team, that you know how to work hard, and that all the rest of your talents and skills, along with your aptitude, makes you fit for the job.

As such, we can say that scholarships help you boost your chances of getting admission in a university of your choice, especially when you are competing with candidates with the same competitiveness and qualifications as you.


Collaboration Impact:

GIIS has campuses in several countries, and we encourage student exchange programs and international networks for our scholarship winners. That gives an excellent advantage to the students.

The schools might send academically accomplished students to workshops or allow them to participate in panels and sessions with industry experts. If you’re chosen for these activities, you work with equally talented students on creating a dream project, have access to resources or labs on other campuses, and enjoy the chance to see how businesses work. 

You get the opportunity to ask successful entrepreneurs questions, learn lessons straight from inspirational speakers, and encounter ideas that could change your life and mindset for life.

You could even pitch your ideas to investors and be lucky enough to get advice on how to improve those ideas even further. With every encounter, your mind expands. You learn from other people and share ideas. That mindset puts you in an excellent position to achieve future success.


Employment Impact:

Hiring panels will take one look at your resume, see that scholarship on your record, and will be impressed, knowing how competitive educational grants can get.

Without even saying a word, you will be able to stand out from the rest of your peers. Needless to say, a scholarship adds to your advantage and puts you ahead of candidates who match your skill sets.

Being the recipient of a tough-to-achieve scholarship does make a difference with potential employers and can help you get the big break you’re after. If you’re applying to top companies and organizations, an excellent resume showcasing your unique scholarships can prove helpful. With an impression made, you can easily charm the interview as long as you have the calibre. 

Personality Impact:

Money problems stress people out. Students with no access to funds to cover their tuition and education fees have no choice but to work or drop out of school. Some manage to go back years later and earn a degree. Some don’t. 

Students who decide to work might find themselves busy every minute in an attempt to fund their school fees. They might not be emotionally available to engage with friends. They won’t have time to participate in workshops or panels because they’ll be too busy working. And they might not even have the time to devote to a big project because all their time will be focused on making ends meet. 

A combination of all these factors can take a toll on their personality. Without an opportunity to pursue what they want freely, they might end up not fully exploring their potential. They won’t have time to know themselves or what they’re capable of because they’ll be too busy trying to make a living.

They won’t have the opportunity to encounter ideas that challenge them. They won’t have the chance to experiment with ideas or try out new things in their field either. Their potential will remain locked inside them all because they’re busy working part-time.

With a student scholarship grant, a lot of these conditioning changes. Students can find the time to grow into the person they are meant to be. They can make the most of their time pursuing their studies and meeting like-minded people who can push them to their best limits. And most importantly, they’re able to evolve and shape their personality.

To sum it up, a scholarship is more than an opportunity to study without financial constraints. It is also an opportunity for students to change their lives, to work on projects they’re passionate about. It opens doors and provides access to resources that help students grow, develop their interests. 

Students can explore their creativity and dedicate time to their studies. They can be as focused as they want to be on the concepts and ideas that fascinate them. The quality of that attention is what brings the world discoveries and new technologies. In other words, we can say that scholarships allow students with weak financial backgrounds to dream. And that’s the impact a scholarship has on students.

Seema Kaushik

Ms Kaushik is the Career Counsellor with the GIIS SMART Campus in Singapore. She has mentored and guided hundreds of students over the past decade to connect with Universities of their choice, write essays and choose subjects which will give them a jumpstart in their higher studies.

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