Everything you should know about the APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship in Singapore

Deepa Chandrasekaran
May 20, 2021

The world is evolving into a digital space. Students are embracing technology and becoming techno-savvy at a very young age in their lives. These days, it is common to come across students with a natural predisposition towards digital tools and gadgets very early on in their lives. Nurturing such talents is crucial for any academic institution. 

GIIS school in Singapore recognises such young talents who are proficient in the digital space. The school offers the APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship to support and encourage such students. This scholarship aims to allow smart students with economic constraints to pursue their passion and shape their tech-savvy skill sets.

This blog will cover the A-Z of the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills scholarship to familiarise you with the scholarship, eligibility criteria, and the assessment process. Let's begin.

Scholarship Criteria

The Scholarship is a one-year scholarship available for students from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Students need to demonstrate both competence and accomplishment in the digital space to be considered for this scholarship grant. 

The value of the scholarship is granted based on the eligibility criteria for these four major categories:

Category A 

● Scholarship Value: 19% off tuition fee

● Eligibility Criteria: 

● Should be among the top 10 nationally at the Olympiad by STEM/SOF/Robotics Olympiad (or)

● Be the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize winner at the annual National Children’s Science Congress competition

Category B

● Scholarship Value: 15% off tuition fee

● Eligibility Criteria: 

● Rank top 20 nationally at the Olympiad by STEM/SOF/Robotics Olympiad (or)

● Be a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize winner at the annual National Children’s Science Congress competition (or)

● Rank 1st in teams at the ISRO Space Quiz or NSS-National Space Settlement

Category C

● Scholarship Value: 9% off tuition fee

● Eligibility Criteria: 

● Rank top 30 nationally at the Olympiad by STEM/SOF/Robotics Olympiad (or)

● Rank top 10 at competitions run by IT giants (or)

● Rank top 10 at the Robot Olympiad (or)

● Rank 2nd in teams at the ISRO Space Quiz or NSS 

Category D

● Scholarship Value: 9% off tuition fee

● Eligibility Criteria: 

● Rank top 40 nationally at the Olympiad by STEM/SOF/Robotics Olympiad (or)

● Rank top 20 at competitions run by IT giants (or)

● Rank top 20 at the Robot Olympiad (or)

● Rank 3rd in teams at the ISRO Space Quiz or NSS (or)

● Win innovation awards at the national or international levels (or)

● Achievement at the CBSE/MOE science exhibition or at the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) 

The Application Process of the APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

The application process for the scholarship is simple. You only need to follow these steps:

● Log into the GIIS Singapore website for this scholarship.

● Click on the “Apply now” button and choose either the Smart or the GIIS East Coast Campus.

● Fill in your personal details.

● Provide accurate information for the scholarship prerequisites. Upload all the relevant files for your innovative ideas or projects.

● Fill in the student declaration section.

● Provide information about your parents. This is the last section of the application form.

● Wait for confirmation from the school’s Board. 

Point to Note:

Before submitting the form, ensure that you provide authentic and accurate information. Do not falsify any information. If discovered, your parents will have to repay the total value of the scholarship granted, including any administrative expenses. Moreover, you also stand the risk of being blocked from applying for any scholarships in the future with GIIS. So avoid this blunder at all costs. 

Disbursal Criteria for the Scholarship 

To be eligible for this scholarship:

● The applicant must be a resident of Singapore.

● Must have represented at the national, regional or international forums under the following categories:

● Written a thesis, paper, or published documents or have innovated or invented a tool related to digital space.

● Have proof of the written papers, published documents, thesis, tool or application.

● Must present results of academic performance for the past two years.

● If applicable, undertake a scholarship test or interview.

Terms and conditions

Every international scholarship comes with unique terms and conditions to ensure they serve the intended purpose. For this scholarship, the following terms and conditions apply:


● The scholarship will be valid for the specified tenure period. No alternative to the scholarship or cash will be provided unless otherwise stated at the school’s discretion.

● The scholarship cannot be substituted or transferred to another person.

● The benefits of the scholarship apply for those studying at GIIS campuses only. You cannot transfer them to non-GIIS schools or convert the scholarship grant into cash.

● For the scholarship to continue into the second year, the performance of the student will be reviewed. The student should attain a score that is equivalent to the category on which the scholarship was granted. 


● Grades 11 and 12 applications will be open for three months before the Board announces the results, and scholarships will be announced within 30 days.

● A beneficiary of any scholarship is not eligible for new scholarships or benefits declared for the academic year. 

● For a successful applicant, the parent should fill out a scholarship DEED to show acceptance within seven working days from the date of announcement of the scholarship results.

● Qualified students should complete the full term 


● The scholarship will be termed null and void in the event a student provides wrong, partial or misleading information.

● If the school considers the recipient’s behaviour or progress unsatisfactory, it may withdraw the scholarship any time.

Brand participation

● Beneficiaries should be ready to take the role of a student ambassador and represent GIIS when called upon to give testimonials or publicity talks.

● The qualified students should take part in community projects directed by the school.


The scholarship committee has the right to:

● Decide the final allocation of scholarships.

● Modify the terms and conditions for the scholarships at any given time.

● Change, suspend, cancel or terminate the scholarship if it deems necessary.

● Sign the acceptance forms for the scholarships.


If you are a technologically savvy GIIS student with the potential to develop new ideas, tools and applications that are digitally-related, apply for this scholarship. The Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship will fuel your interest and give you the space to refine your skills while providing financial relief to your parents. 

GIIS Singapore is aware of the importance of supporting deserving young students to advance their digital skills. We support technologically gifted students by awarding this scholarship. Make the most of this scholarship by applying for the same. Wishing you the best of luck! 

Ms. Deepa Chandrasekaran

Ms. Deepa Chandrasekaran is a highly-qualified and experienced teacher at GIIS Singapore since 2007. With more than 9 years of experience as the IBDP coordinator at GIIS, Ms. Deepa is well-versed with the IB Diploma curriculum, subject-selection counselling, examinations, teacher orientation and training. She teaches Higher Level and Standard Level Economics in the DP, and is passionate about creating a stimulating learning environment for DP students.

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