Choosing an International School in Singapore When You are Remote

Reecha Kumar
Feb 26, 2021

Many plans have been put on hold during the past year, including relocation plans for the many families who were hoping to move to Singapore. However, as people start to look forward to the end of the pandemic, many are considering a move to Singapore in the near future.

If you are one of those people who is starting to explore your options and want to put a plan in place to move to Singapore, you may want to start looking into international schools. As you research the schools available, you will begin to understand better the cost of education in Singapore, scholarship opportunities, the curricula and programmes available, the activities offered, and the general school environment.

A standard search engine inquiry will give you some of the information you need, but to have a better idea of what lies ahead for you and your family in Singapore, you will want to dig a little deeper.

Here are a few ways that you can get a better glimpse into daily life at a Singapore international school before you move to your new community:

Take a Virtual School Tour

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most schools only held in-person tours, which meant that expatriate families were forced to wait until they arrived on location to see and experience the school for themselves. Due to the guidelines and restrictions that were brought about as a result of the pandemic, most schools have created innovative virtual tours that allow prospective families and students to learn more about the school from a safe, remote setting. The virtual tours offer a glimpse into the classrooms in the school building and provide information about the schools facilities. If you are interested in checking out one of these digital experiences for yourself, be sure to take a virtual tour of GIIS.

Follow Your Favourite Schools on Social Media

Over the course of the last decade, most international schools in Singapore have developed a presence on the most popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. By following the schools you are considering on social media, you will be able to learn more about daily life at these schools. Most schools will post information, photos and videos from their special events and activities. For example, the GIIS social feeds are filled with Sports Day and Annual Day photos, announcements about student achievements and news information that parents and students need to know. The GIIS YouTube channel is particularly popular among both parents and students and has proven to be an effective way of engaging with our community-at-large.

Attend Webinars and Get Involved in the Community

Given that many parents cannot be physically present on school premises at this time, many international schools have created virtual interaction opportunities. As a future Singapore resident, you can sign up for information webinars that will provide you with detailed information about the school curricula and available activities. There are also opportunities to participate in virtual coffee hours, where you can talk directly with teachers, staff members and administrators. These unique virtual forums provide you with a chance to get to know your child's future teachers on a more personal basis.

Participate in the Forums

Another way for parents to immerse themselves in the community before they arrive in Singapore is to participate in online forums and join social media groups. For example, the Singapore Expat Schooling Forum on Facebook is a safe space for expatriate families to connect with one another and discuss educational opportunities for their children in Singapore. On these forums, you can ask questions about the schools and the curriculum programmes and then receive first-hand reviews and information from other expatriate parents in return. You may even find that you meet your first friends in Singapore before you have moved to your new home!

While the pandemic ushered in many unwanted changes for people around the world, one benefit has been that people have quickly adapted to interacting with others from a remote setting. There are so many more virtual engagement opportunities available today than there were just a year ago. These technological advances have made it easier for many families to plan for their relocation to Singapore before they arrive.

If you want to know more about GIIS Singapore and our schools culture, contact us today to schedule your virtual tour.

Reecha Kumar

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