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Rupali Karekar
Jun 21, 2021
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Kindergarten is a child’s first step into the world of formal education. It is the basic foundation to everything the child learns further and is the right beginning to their aspirations. It becomes essential to choose a kindergarten that appeals to your child’s needs and also meets your expectations. As parents, this choice requires a lot of time and research. Both you and your child are always a little nervous and excited during this period. In order to make sure that your choice is the right one, here is a little checklist you can keep in mind.

The Kindergarten Curriculum

The curriculum that you choose for your child is important. It has to be well-balanced and should consider the physical, emotional and mental development of the child. As this is their very first stepping stone, it should not enforce any pressure on them but should help them discover the joy of learning.

The Montessori curriculum

This curriculum takes into account that your child is an individual and also a member of a global society. It focuses on making the academic journey for your child complete with wonderful moments of learning, growing, sharing and discovering new things.

It is said that little children are creative and open to all forms of ideas and disciplines without prejudice. Keeping this aspect in mind, creativity and development of ideas through activities, games, reading and participating in arts and sports is encouraged.

Children here are exposed to the basics of languages they are familiar with at home and are equipped with reading, listening and writing skills to help them get a better grasp over the language. These schools ensure that the child is familiar with their own official language and also English,Mathematics and Environmental Science which are  taught with a practical approach so that little children can observe, experiment and play while learning.

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The Global Indian International School in Singapore offers the Global Montessori  Plus curriculum, which  is well-planned and merges innovative teaching techniques with the Montessori education. This ensures that the child is exposed to all spheres of education and grows academically with a strong value-base.

The Teachers

Teachers play the most important role in the life of the child. They are the ones who execute the curriculum design to perfection to help your child receive the information and values they need.


The class has to be interactive. This ensures that the child understands and enjoys what is taught in the class and is able to apply it in his/her daily life. Teachers make the class interactive by asking children to answer or lead discussions in class. This is also done through games and activities planned by the teacher.

The student-to-teacher ratio

The importance of having a good ratio here is essential. Small classes warrant better interaction and let the teacher pay attention to the needs of every child. This also allows the teacher to optimise the lessons to fit the class needs.

The parent-teacher engagement

This kind of engagement and interaction is essential for the child. It helps the parent learn at which stage the child is and how they can help the child study while at home. PTA meetings and events organised help parents see the growth of their child and help them by providing  motivation and support. Good relationships between these stakeholders ensures that there are no roadblocks on the path of education.

Activities organised in the school

The activities organised are of two types: One is pertaining to the curriculum and other is extracurricular activities.

Activities related to the curriculum

These are activities that the teacher and the school carry out in and out of the classroom. Field trips organised by the school help children step out and explore all that they have learned in their textbooks. Classroom activities and project-based learning help them turn theory into practice. This makes learning fun for the child and also helps them retain these concepts better. It’s important that the kindergarten you choose for your child has a balance between theoretical and practical learning.

Extra-curricular activities

While academics is essential, children should also be exposed to the arts and sports fields. Drawing, craft and painting elevate one’s creativity and express emotions and thoughts better than words. These also help develop your child’s motor skills. Dance and music are known to be influential and cathartic, and also help the child have fun and live in the moment. Playing different sports influence the physical development of the child and team building skills are also developed during this process.

A healthy mix of these activities for your child should be administered and schools should always be a place they want to come back to.

The values taught by the school

As parents, there are some values that you want your child to learn and retain throughout their life. As kindergarten is a vital space for your child, it’s important that the values taught in school align with your own values.

You can understand this by talking to the teachers at the school, other parents and students. You can also learn this by reading the mission and vision that the school has chosen for its students. Schools in Singapore focus on values of honesty, integrity and teamwork and teach their students these values through the environment they create in school.

This helps prepare them to be citizens of the world and make smooth transitions as they climb the education ladder with confidence and determination

Safety of your child

Safety of your child is the most important factor while choosing a school. To make sure that your child is safe physically and emotionally, schools in Singapore have well-maintained apparatus and camera surveillance so that your child’s safety is never compromised. Schools also have professionals trained to deal with any kind of physical or emotional trouble that the child faces. First-aid kits are also prepared in case of any accident.

A good school environment is a prerequisite to the holistic development of your child.

Kindergarten fees in singapore

Fees are dependent on the offerings of the school and the facilities and infrastructure that are provided. As kindergarten covers a plethora of services, the fees are also structured accordingly. The kindergarten fees in Singapore schools are in the range of $700 to $4000 per month.

You can choose the perfect kindergarten school for your child based on the services they have and the fees affordability. Schools also have scholarships to help ease the burden from parents. You can learn about these grants and scholarships from the school website.

Campus Visits

Visit schools that you are interested in with your child so you get a complete understanding of the functioning and facilities of the school. Many schools offer guided tours of the campus and you can book these and clear any queries you have. This will help you make a clear decision for your child.

Hence to summarise, this checklist will guide you to choose a school in Singapore that meets your expectations and secures the future of your child.

1. Ensure that the school you choose aligns with the values you want your child to imbibe.

2. Read about the curriculum that the school offers and choose one that best fits your child.

3. Make sure that there is a good balance between play and studies. The time they spend in school should be fruitful but not overwhelming.

4. Find out about the extra-curricular activities that the school organises.

5. Understand the fee structure and what it covers. Read up about scholarships and grants that the school offers.

6. Finally, involve your child while choosing the perfect kindergarten, as all this planning and work is for their benefit and growth.  

 The Global Indian International School’s  GMP Curriculum has been designed to impart a holistic education to all its students in order to achieve its mission and vision for the 21st Century

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